Friends sharing pizzas and drinks at an outdoor restaurant, a scene typically enjoyed on food tours in Athens for foodies.

5 Must-Try Food Tours in Athens for Foodies: A Comparison

After countless souvlaki skewers and more feta than I dare to admit, I’m here to give you an insiders’ look at the best food tours in Athens for foodies.

Over the past few years, I’ve tried nearly every type of food offered in Athens—from street-side souvlaki to fusion cuisine in Michelin-starred restaurants.

Sometimes the results were stunning, while other times I either regretted the money spent or my stomach suffered the consequences.

That’s why I decided to compare the best food tours in Athens tailored for foodies.

In this article, I’ll share the pros and cons of these Athenian food tasting tours, so you can explore the delicious Greek cuisine even if you’re on a tight schedule.

What Food Not to Miss in Athens?

A delicious Dakos, topped with tomato, feta, and olives, an excellent example of traditional Greek cuisine.

Beyond the globally famous souvlaki, tzatziki, and Greek yogurt, Greek cuisine offers a treasure of flavors.

Recipes mainly use olive oil, fresh vegetables, legumes, fish, meat, pasta, cheese, and wine.

So, depending on the season of your visit, you’ll find a variety of local foods to try.

From stuffed vegetables and dakos in the summer to bean soup and skordalia in the winter, the options are plentiful.

How I Reviewed the Best Food Tours in Athens

  • I looked at the most popular options. Online, you’ll find dozens of tours aiming to introduce you to Greek cuisine. I chose those that have the most bookings and the highest ratings from travelers.

  • I considered the tours from a traveler’s perspective. As someone who loves to explore new places around the world, I know how important it is to spend my money wisely and make the most of my available time.

Why Trust Sunny Athens

At Sunny Athens, we are a small team of local Athenian journalists who love to travel and hate tourist traps. Our Athens experts research places and activities before recommending them. For more information, see About Sunny Athens.

1. Athens: Greek Foodie Tour with Tastings

A group of friends enjoying dinner during one of the food tours in Athens for foodies.

Company Name: Athens Walks Tour Company

Duration: 4 hours

Price: From €69.00 per person

Overview: This food tour includes Athenian taverns, traditional stores, and food market areas. You’ll taste savory and sweet pastries, local products including wine and olive oil, Greek mezze, and souvlaki with pork or chicken gyros.

Pros: Takes you to places you wouldn’t visit on your own, large amounts of food enough to keep you full all day, tour guides with excellent reviews.

Considerations: Slightly pricier than most other food tours.

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2. Athens: Street Food Tasting Tour

Freshly baked sesame bread rings from a local bakery, a staple on street food tours in Athens.

Company Name: Greekality

Duration: 3 hours

Price: From €59.00 per person

Overview: This food tour combines famous local dishes with a stroll through some of Athens’ most well-known neighborhoods. Dishes include traditional pies, souvlaki, Greek pizza, bread sesame rings, Greek donuts (loukoumades), and local desserts.

Pros: The most economical of all the listed food tours in Athens, great selection of stops, many different dishes to try.

Considerations: The included drinks may seem sparse to some visitors.

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3. Athens: The Authentic Greek Food Tour

A shopper at a lively food market, highlighting the local produce explored on food tours in Athens for foodies.

Company Name: Truevoyagers

Duration: 3 hours

Price: From €65.00 per person

Overview: A food tour at a relaxing pace with local experts. Includes souvlaki, local specialties like cold cuts, cheeses, olives, olive oil, traditional rusks, and wine, food market visit, and traditional taverns.

Pros: Includes dishes you may not otherwise order, generous amount of food, very knowledgeable guides.

Considerations: Could have offered more drink options.

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4. Athens: Ultimate Food Walking Tour with 15 Tastings

A group of friends drinking wine at a stylish restaurant in Athens, a common delight on food tours for foodies.

Company Name:

Duration: 4 hours

Price: From €65.00 per person

Overview: This food tour focuses on trying as many different local foods as possible. Includes Greek recipes that are hard to find on other guided visits, such as stuffed tomatoes, moussaka, and soutzoukakia.

Pros: Includes 8 different stops, varied food selection, a large quantity of food overall.

Considerations: Has the fewest traveler reviews of all the tours.

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5. Athens: Food Market Visit and Cooking Class with Wine

A woman preparing dough in a cooking class in Athens, ideal for hands-on experiences on food tours for foodies.

Company Name: Endless Events IKE

Duration: 4 hours

Price: From €69.00 per person

Overview: This food tour for foodies offers a different approach from the rest in Athens. You first visit the Athens Central Market with your cook to buy fresh ingredients and then you create a range of Greek dishes.

Pros: Truly homemade local food, hands-on experience, you learn recipes you can replicate at home.

Considerations: You try fewer dishes and visit fewer places compared to other tours.

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Which Is the Best Food Tour in Athens for Foodies?

Aerial view of a bustling café in Athens, perfect for coffee lovers.

To simplify the comparison of food tours in Athens for foodies, I’ve created a table with a side-by-side feature list for easy evaluation.

1. Athens: Greek Foodie Tour4 hours€69.00/personExclusive and plentifulSlightly pricier
2. Street Food Tasting Tour3 hours€59.00/personAffordable and variedDrinks sparse
3. Authentic Greek Food Tour3 hours€65.00/personUnique and generousLimited beverages
4. Ultimate Food Walking Tour4 hours€65.00/personExtensive and diverseFewest reviews
5. Food Market and Cooking Class4 hours€69.00/personAuthentic and interactiveLess variety

All the food tours listed above are carefully crafted, feature kind and friendly guides with experience, and have excellent reviews.

They are a perfect way to try local foods you might otherwise miss and at the same time understand the history of Greek cuisine.

I would book any of the five without hesitation.

However, if I had to choose just one, it would be the Athens: Greek Foodie Tour with Tastings, as it offers many shops, a wide variety of foods, and filling quantities.

If I wanted a more hands-on experience, then the Athens: Food Market Visit and Cooking Class with Wine is the one to go for.

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A woman enjoying a slice of pizza at a restaurant.

I hope this guide has helped you find the best food tours in Athens for foodies.

Also, make sure to check out Athens Street Food: Everything You Need to Know and Where to Eat the Best Baklava and Local Desserts in Athens.

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