7 Days in Jordan Itinerary: Our group of 8, exploring the striking rock formations in Wadi Rum's desert landscape.

7 Days in Jordan Road Trip Itinerary with Budget Options

Visit Amman, go canyoning in Wadi Mujib, explore the famous Petra, stay with Bedouins in the Wadi Rum desert, and swim in the Dead Sea with the following all-inclusive 7 days itinerary of Jordan.

Last updated: 9 Jun 2024

Situated in Southwest Asia, where Asia, Africa, and Europe meet, Jordan is a fascinating journey to explore.

Providing a unique opportunity to connect with a Middle Eastern country, it stands out for its safety, hospitality, and above all, its extraordinary natural beauty.

Furthermore, Jordan’s compact size makes it an ideal spot for an unforgettable road trip featuring world-renowned destinations such as Petra and Wadi Rum.

Our group of eight embarked on a 7-day road trip through the country, and we had an incredible experience.

Jordan Travel FAQ

7 Days in Jordan Itinerary: The vast Wadi Rum desert.
How Many Days Should You Spend in Jordan?

Below you will find a meticulously planned 7 days itinerary for Jordan.

Given the chance to spend a week in the country, it’s absolutely worthwhile!

You’ll visit Amman, the capital of Jordan, experience canyoning, marvel at the famous Petra, dwell with Bedouins in a stunning desert, and float in the Dead Sea.

But even if your days are limited, a road trip across Jordan is still completely feasible.

At the conclusion of this article, you’ll find adaptable suggestions if you have only 5 or 6 days at your disposal.

Is it Worth Buying the Jordan Pass?

If you intend to stick to this detailed 7-day itinerary of Jordan, the Jordan Pass will save you money.

It covers admission to over 40 attractions, such as Petra and Wadi Rum, along with visa fees for entering the country.

The cost of Petra’s entrance and visa fees alone surpass the cost of the Jordan Pass if purchased separately.

However, Jordan Pass is not a visa.

The visa itself will be issued to you once you’ve passed the necessary checks at the airport.

What is the ‘Travel to Jordan Declaration Form’?

According to Jordan’s authorities, to gain entry to the country, you must complete the “Travel to Jordan Declaration Form”.

You can find it available online at www.visitjordan.gov.jo.

After completing the form, a QR Code is issued.

Notably, of the eight people we traveled with, only one was asked to show it.

7 Days in Jordan Itinerary: Camels posing for a photo in Petra.
How Do You Get to Jordan?

The main and largest airport in the country is the Queen Alia International Airport.

Located roughly 45 minutes from central Amman, it caters to most international flights.

Some low-cost companies also serve Aqaba airport in the country’s south, near Wadi Rum.

Note that if you use the Aqaba airport, you won’t need to pay the visa fees.

Consequently, it may not be in your best interest to purchase the Jordan Pass; instead, you might opt to pay separately for your entries to Petra and Wadi Rum.

As for the following itinerary, it’s designed as a circular route, so you can follow it in either direction.

Do I Need a Car?

To make the most out of your 7 days in Jordan and fully enjoy the suggested itinerary, renting a car is essential.

This approach provides the most convenient and simplest way to navigate between cities and planned activities.

The best solution is to pre-book your vehicle and collect it upon your arrival.

We did exactly this; we pre-booked our vehicle through Rentalcars.com, known for its competitive prices, and collected our car from the stations in the arrivals hall at Queen Alia International Airport.

Bear in mind, the road network in Jordan is in relatively good condition.

As long as you drive carefully, you should encounter no issues.

Finally, note that the traffic operates on the right side of the road and there are no toll charges.

How to Access the Internet in Jordan?

The simplest way to get online in Jordan is by using eSIMs, provided your mobile phone supports them.

I’ve found them to be incredibly convenient during my travels.

Before you even start your trip, you install an app, and you are good to go: you have internet access the moment you touch down in your destination country.

Personally, I use Airalo – their prices are competitive, and the user interface is friendly.

For those with older mobile phones, there’s no need to worry.

Companies such as Umniah offer physical SIMs for sale at Queen Alia International Airport.

Hiking in the Wadi Mujib canyon in Jordan.
Where Should I Stay in Jordan?

Given that you’ll be on a road trip across the country, you’ll need to switch accommodations at least four times: in Amman, Petra, Wadi Rum, and the Dead Sea.

Under each city’s guide below, you’ll find recommended lodgings to match your budget, as well as the places where we stayed.

Do I Need Cash in Jordan?

Yes, you do.

Even though many shops now accept credit and debit cards, it’s always a good idea to carry some cash.

Speaking of which, the local currency is the Jordanian Dinar.

For our transactions, we always relied on Revolut because of its excellent exchange rates.

Moreover, it allowed us to withdraw up to 200 euros in local currency without any fees, specifically from Jordan Kuwait Bank ATMs.

If you can’t find a Jordan Kuwait Bank ATM, Investbank ATMs would be your next best choice as they offer the lowest withdrawal fees among the other banks.

Is It Safe to Visit Jordan?

There’s a saying that travel broadens the mind, dispelling prejudices – and it’s true.

Despite initial concerns about visiting a Middle Eastern country, we found that Jordanians are among the friendliest people on the planet, always eager to help.

We felt safe throughout our trip, no matter if it was daytime or nighttime.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should ignore standard safety precautions, such as looking after your belongings or steering clear of dodgy areas.

A little common sense goes a long way toward ensuring a trouble-free and enjoyable trip.

7 Days in Jordan Itinerary: formations of salt crystallize along the shores of the Dead Sea.
Can Unmarried Couples Share a Hotel Room in Jordan?

Prior to our Jordanian trip, I read online that some hotels didn’t permit unmarried couples to share a room.

However, no one raised any objections in our group of four couples.

The staff at every hotel were extremely friendly and helpful.

Is There a Dress Code?

If you’d like to respect local customs, it’s advisable to cover your knees, chest, and shoulders.

While we noticed many tourists who didn’t, no one seemed bothered by it.

Nonetheless, it’s respectful to adhere to local traditions.

Besides, with the sun’s intensity, it’s wise to dress appropriately to avoid sunburn.

Below, you’ll find a map with our recommended 7 days road trip itinerary for exploring Jordan.

7 Days In Jordan Itinerary: Day 1 – Amman

1) Tour of Amman

7 Days in Jordan Itinerary: Chrysavgi and I exploring the streets of Amman on a guided tour.

A standard itinerary for Amman would include major attractions such as the Roman Theater, the Grand Husseini Mosque, and the Amman Citadel.

However, we chose to experience the city under the guidance of a local, and I highly recommend you do the same.

Specifically, we took part in the Amman Free Walking Tour, and our guide, Mujallie, was exceptional.

He shared the city’s rich history with us and led a comprehensive tour around the city center, even introducing us to local products and the area’s traditional coffee.

The tour is free to book, and you are encouraged to tip the guide what you believe is fair at the end.

It covers many of the city’s major attractions, providing a complete picture of the city.

Afterward, if you still have the energy and the curiosity to explore further on your own, be sure to visit:

2) Sample Mint Lemonade

A refreshing plastic glass filled with mint lemonade.

After a lengthy walk around the city, it’s essential to stop for a refreshing beverage.

Don’t miss out on trying Mint Lemonade, which we discovered is particularly popular in Jordan.

Its taste is similar to that of a Mojito, just without the alcohol.

As for a place to try it, consider Zghairon Cafe.

Although it’s in the heart of the city, it’s situated on a quiet pedestrian street, and the staff is very kind.


3) Lunch on Rainbow Street

Colorful baskets hanging above Rainbow Street in Amman, adding to its distinctive charm.

The area around Rainbow Street is one of Amman’s most beautiful neighborhoods.

Filled with restaurants, cafes, and shops, it’s the perfect place for a stroll and lunch.

For our meal, we chose the Mijana restaurant.

At this point, I must open a parenthesis and make a special mention of Jordanian food.

It’s exquisite, hands down the best cuisine I’ve tasted in my travels – and I was raised on Greek food!

Back to Mijana, it serves a diverse range of dishes, from traditional Middle Eastern to international cuisine.

The Shish Taouk, the Shawarma, and of course, their warm, bun-shaped breads deserve special mention.


Best Hotels to Stay in Amman

We stayed at Shams Alweibdeh Hotel Apartments, and it was a value-for-money choice. Alternatively, you can check:

Best Luxury Hotel: The Ritz-Carlton, Amman
Best Middle-Priced Hotel: Seas Hotel Amman
Best Budget Hotel: The Cabin

7 Days In Jordan Itinerary: Day 2 – Wadi Mujib

4) Canyoning at Wadi Mujib

7 Days in Jordan Itinerary: Chrysavgi and I standing next to a small waterfall in Wadi Mujib.

One of the most fun activities we experienced in Jordan was hiking the Wadi Mujib Siq Trail.

This impressive canyon, reminiscent of the one you’ll see entering Petra, is surrounded by towering rocks.

With a low to moderate difficulty level, it’s accessible to anyone in reasonable physical shape.

The water is warm, and trail assistants are available at the more challenging sections to lend a hand.

Tips for Canyoning at Wadi Mujib:

Rock formations in the Wadi Mujib canyon.
  1. You will need about an hour and a half hiking up and another hour to return, at a relaxed pace. The path is the same for both the ascent and the descent.

  2. Make sure to get there early in the morning, ideally at opening time, as it can get crowded quickly. If you arrive late, you could face a wait of up to two hours. The trailhead is about an hour and a half from Amman.

  3. The water level varies with the seasons. It’s best if you can swim, especially in the trickier sections. However, ropes are available to hold onto. Expect to get fully soaked.

  4. Water shoes are available for rent at the entrance and nearby shops, but you can save money by bringing a pair of old non-slip shoes. I managed just fine with a pair of Reebok Speed TR 2.0.

  5. Waterproof phone cases are also available for rent at the entrance, but online reviews suggest they may not be entirely reliable. It might be safer to bring your own waterproof bag, which can also hold a water bottle and a snack.

  6. The admission fee for the Wadi Mujib Siq Trail, which includes a life jacket, is not covered by the Jordan Pass.

  7. You cannot purchase your entrance ticket online. I contacted the Wild Jordan national organization, and they informed me that online availability might be introduced at some point in the future via their website, wildjordan.com.

  8. There’s free parking available right outside the canyon entrance.

  9. A waterfall awaits at the top of the canyon. Make sure to visit it.

  10. Use this link to find the exact canyon’s entrance on Google Maps. For some unclear reason, there’s another pin with the same name located elsewhere on the map, which has caused confusion for many people.

5) King’s Highway Drive

7 Days in Jordan Itinerary: Driving on the famous King's Highway.

Once you’ve completed your hike at Wadi Mujib, it’s time to continue your road trip towards Wadi Musa, where the archaeological site of Petra is located.

Begin with a 20-minute drive alongside the Dead Sea.

Then, follow Jordan’s most iconic road, the King’s Highway.

It’s not the quickest route, but it sure is the most scenic one.

And don’t worry, you’ll get the chance to drive by the Dead Sea again on your sixth day.

Keep in mind that the journey from the canyon to Wadi Musa takes about 3.5 hours.


6) Dinner in Wadi Musa

Traditional dinner at Al Wadi Restaurant in Wadi Musa.

After a long day on the road, you’ll likely be quite hungry when you arrive in Wadi Musa.

For our first night’s meal, we picked Al Wadi Restaurant.

The traditional dishes that stood out were Maklouba, a dish of chicken with rice, and Mansaf, which consists of lamb cooked in yogurt, served with rice.

However, what was unforgettable was their Arabic bread – it was the tastiest we’ve ever had.

Do note, Al Wadi’s prices are slightly above the city’s average.


Best Hotels to Stay in Petra

We stayed at Nomads Hotel Petra, and it had a great rooftop, with an amazing view over the Wadi Musa village. Alternatively, you can check:

Best Luxury Hotel: Mövenpick Resort Petra
Best Middle-Priced Hotel: Petra Plaza Hotel
Best Budget Hotel: Petra Cabin Hostel

7 Days In Jordan Itinerary: Day 3 – Petra

7) Petra

7 Days in Jordan Itinerary: chanting camels in front of the Treasury in Petra.

Until I started planning my 7 days itinerary in Jordan, I thought Petra was a single monument.

I grew up with Indiana Jones movies, so in my mind, Petra was a path leading to the Treasury.

To my surprise, I discovered that this is just the entrance to a huge archaeological site.

In fact, Petra was a city, the capital of the Nabataean kingdom, from the 4th century BC.

Do You Need a Guided Tour of Petra?

People traversing the Al-Siq trail, the main entrance to the ancient city of Petra.

Given the city’s historical significance, we decided to book a guided tour to understand its history in depth.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t explore Petra on your own.

The map below marks all the must-see points.

However, if you have the budget, I highly recommend booking a tour.

You can find official licensed guides at the entrance of the Petra Visitor Center, or ask your hotel to arrange one for you the night before.

How Many Days Do You Need in Petra?

7 Days in Jordan Itinerary: visitors exploring the remarkable ruins of Petra in Jordan.

One day is enough to visit the key landmarks of Petra.

The site is so large that you’ll likely feel worn out by the end of the day.

However, if archaeology is your great passion, you may want to add one more day.

Is Petra by Night worth it?

Petra by Night is a show where you can see the ancient city illuminated by candlelight.

Even though it sounds romantic, I decided not to pay the additional cost after reading several online reviews.

Looking back at the archaeological site the following day, it seems like it was probably a wise choice.

Beware of Tourist Traps

7 Days in Jordan Itinerary: Chrysavgi posing in front of the Treasury in Petra.

There’s another thing you should remember: Petra is full of tourist traps!

Here are some to watch out for:

  1. Near the entrance to the site, you may be offered a horse ride. They might say it’s included in your ticket, but this is not true – they will ask you for money at the end.

  2. You may have seen famous Instagram photos overlooking the Treasury from above. Beware of people who will illegally demand money to guide you to these viewpoints. This is not only extremely dangerous – people have died from falls – but also contributes to the illegal exploitation of the archaeological site. Instead, you can find a free and safe spot here for great photos with the Treasury in the background.

  3. Within the site, you might be offered camel or donkey rides. Avoid these; the animals are mistreated, and the rides are frequently offered by children who should be at school, not working. You’ll have opportunities to ride camels in much better conditions in the Wadi Rum desert.

More Tips for Visiting Petra:

The iconic Monastery (Al-Deir) in Petra.
  1. Try to start your visit early in the morning, as it can get busy quickly.

  2. Carry a thermos of water like this. The combination of heat and walking can be exhausting.

  3. Wear comfortable, non-slip athletic shoes.

  4. If you’re up for it, it’s worth trekking to the Monastery. It’s about two hours from the visitor center entrance, not including stops, and involves climbing quite a few steps. If that sounds like too much, a good alternative is to walk up to Qasr al-Bint and then return.

8) Second Dinner in Wadi Musa

Our unforgettable dinner in Sajiat Al Janoob in Wadi Musa.

After exploring Petra, we chose Sajiat Al Janoob for our dinner.

While the exterior of the restaurant might not catch your eye, trust me, it was here we had our best meal in all of Jordan.

Every dish we tried was delicious, particularly the Hummus and the Arabic salad.

However, the Chicken Sajiah was from another planet – I can’t recommend it enough.

As for the prices, they were more than fair, especially considering the generous portion sizes.


7 Days In Jordan Itinerary: Days 4 & 5 – Wadi Rum

9) Wadi Rum

7 Days in Jordan Itinerary: Chrysavgi stands on a hill, taking in the breathtaking views of the Wadi Rum desert.

The most unforgettable experience of this 7-day itinerary in Jordan is undoubtedly your stay in the Wadi Rum desert.

The Martian, Dune, Prometheus, and several Star Wars films have been shot here, and for a good reason.

The vast expanses of red sand and the steep cliffs protruding in the middle look as though they’ve been taken straight from the planet Mars.

The landscape, which you’ll see for the first time as you cross Wadi Rum Village, will leave you breathless.

The same goes for the sunset and the star-studded night sky.

With no artificial lights in the desert to limit visibility, get ready to see the stars brighter than ever.

What to do in Wadi Rum?

Touring with a jeep in the Wadi Rum desert.

The drive from Petra to Wadi Rum takes about two hours, while the entry to the Protected Area is included in the Jordan Pass.

From there, you can choose between booking a hotel in the desert and paying for extra activities or staying at a Bedouin camp that also provides tour guide services.

We chose the latter, and it turned out to be an outstanding experience.

We specifically booked Wadi Rum Nomads due to their excellent reviews, and they did not disappoint.

Among other things, we did the following with our Bedouin guides:

  1. Camel ride.

  2. Full day of sightseeing by jeep.

  3. Hikes in canyons and mountains.

  4. Cooking local food in the desert.

  5. Watching the sunset from a spot without crowds. Yes, some points in the desert can get crowded.

  6. Staying at their desert camp.

Another advantage of booking this type of tour is that you don’t have to worry about a thing: it includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and unlimited water throughout the day.

On top of that, the prices are more than reasonable.

Alternatively, if you prefer to be more independent or simply want to relax without participating in activities, you can always just book a hotel for your stay.

Best Hotels to Stay in Wadi Rum:

We stayed with the Wadi Rum Nomads and had a great time. Alternatively, you can check:

Best Luxury Hotel: Memories Aicha Luxury Camp
Best Middle-Priced Hotel: Wadi Rum Magic Nature Camp
Best Budget Hotel: Wadi Rum Secrets Camp

How Long Should I Spend in Wadi Rum?

7 Days in Jordan Itinerary: watching the sunset in Wadi Rum desert.

Tours like the one offered by Wadi Rum Nomads offer accommodations ranging from one to five nights.

However, two days and two nights seem to be the ideal duration to enjoy the desert without getting tired.

One day gives you a taste of the area but may leave you feeling like you didn’t have enough time.

On the other hand, three or more days can become tiring, as comforts in the desert are naturally limited.

7 Days In Jordan Itinerary: Days 6 & 7 – Dead Sea

10) Dead Sea

Panoramic view of the Dead Sea as seen from the Hilton Dead Sea Resort & Spa.

After spending two days in the desert, it’s time to relax by the Dead Sea.

Starting from Wadi Rum, it’s about a 4.5-hour drive to the area’s resorts.

Be aware that gas stations are few and far between, so it’s best to refuel at the earliest opportunity.

After your journey, you’ll reach what’s famously known as the Dead Sea.

Despite its name, it’s not actually a sea, but rather a large lake.

Over the years, as its water evaporates, the salt concentration increases.

Specifically, its salt content is ten times higher than that of seawater.

Consequently: a) nothing can live in its waters, which is why it’s referred to as ‘dead,’ and b) the swimming experience is unique due to the great buoyancy – you can float without much effort.

So, the highlight of the last two days of this 7-day Jordan itinerary will be your swim here.

Tips for Swimming in the Dead Sea:

7 Days in Jordan Itinerary: Our group of 8 friends floating in the Dead Sea.
  1. Access to the lake isn’t easy! A naturally beautiful spot with easy and free access is located close to the Wadi Mujib.

  2. Avoid entering the water from places with salt formations. They’re dangerous as they’re slippery and can cut like a knife!

  3. Bring water and sunscreen with you. The sun can be relentless.

  4. Don’t try to open your eyes in the water. The salt causes intense stinging.

  5. Remember to return to your hotel immediately after your swim for a bath. Otherwise, you’ll be itching all day from – you guessed it – the salt.

If your budget allows, consider staying at one of the high-end resorts in the area.

It offers a unique opportunity to relax and rejuvenate before your journey back.

Best Hotels to Stay in Dead Sea:

We stayed at Laperla Chalet Villa Di Lusso as we were 8 people and wanted to stay all together. Alternatively, you can check:

Best Luxury Hotel: Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea
Best Middle-Priced Hotel: Dead Sea Spa Hotel
Best Budget Hotel: Safi Kitchen Hostel

Conclusion and Alternatives

Sunset in the Dead Sea, creating a tranquil and breathtaking view.

As always, feel free to tailor the itinerary to match your time constraints and preferences.

If you’re up for a more tight schedule, you could replace the first day at the Dead Sea with a visit to Aqaba.

Situated just an hour away from Wadi Rum and located on the Red Sea coast, Aqaba is famed for its stunning diving and snorkeling spots.

Conversely, if you’re working with a 6-day timeline, you might consider skipping either the day at the Dead Sea or the day at Wadi Rum.

My personal advice?

Don’t miss Wadi Rum for anything.

Lastly, if you have 5 days at your disposal, you’ll need to skip a day at both the Dead Sea and Wadi Rum.

However, even with this shorter timeframe, you’ll still have enough time to embark on an unforgettable Jordanian road trip.

Plan Your Trip

Stay: Booking.com (best prices, great support)

Airport: Welcome Pickups (pre-booked, reliable airport transfers)

Drive: Rentalcars (compare prices, free cancellation)

Connect: Airalo eSIM (cheap data)

Do: GetYourGuide (unique tours & activities)

Fly: Skyscanner (find the cheapest flights)

Explore: GuruWalk (free walking tours worldwide)

Protect: SafetyWing (affordable travel insurance)

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