Athens Open Air Film Festival

Open Air Cinemas: The 10 Best In Athens – 2024

The 10 top-rated Open Air Cinemas to enjoy a movie under the stars of the Athenian sky, including a free film festival.

Last updated: 26 May 2024

Featured image: Thalia Galanopoulou / AOAFF 2019

Watching a movie in open-air cinemas in Athens is an unforgettable experience.

Contrary to what you might expect, these movie theaters usually don’t have high-end sound systems.

Instead, the music volume is often kept low to avoid disturbing the neighbors.

Here, the sky serves as your ceiling, and there’s no air conditioning—just the evening breeze to naturally cool you.

When it comes to seating, forget the luxury chairs of multiplex cinemas.

More often than not, you’ll find yourself sitting in a director’s chair or even a lounge chair.

Despite these differences, or perhaps because of them, visiting an open-air cinema is a unique experience that you simply shouldn’t miss.

Facts about Athens: open air cinema

Ever since my school days, I have eagerly anticipated summer for two reasons: to go to the sea and to visit the summer cinema in my neighborhood with my classmates.

The carefree nature of the holidays, the view of the night sky, the movies, and the aroma of hot dogs and popcorn from the bar continually drew us to the Cine Marina Summer Cinema.

While Cine Marina may no longer operate today, my love for outdoor movie theaters endures, as does my fondness for hot dogs under the summer sky.

Athens Summer Cinema Top Tips!

Below, you’ll find a list of my 10 favorite summer cinemas in Athens. These cinemas typically operate from May to October.

Keep the following in mind:

  1. Movies in Greece are shown with subtitles, not dubbed, so you can enjoy almost any film you want.

  2. Ticket prices at most open-air cinemas range from 7.5 to 8 euros. However, at a few cinemas, it’s possible to find tickets priced as low as 5 euros or as high as 10 euros, depending on the location and the day.

  3. Between June and August, opt for late-night screenings, for example, at 23:00. This is because, until around 21:00 – 21:30, there is still sufficient light in the sky, making it difficult to watch a movie clearly.

Open Air Cinemas Throughout Athens

10) Cinema Mpomponiera

Cinema Mpomponiera
Mpomponiera is the best option if you stay in the northern suburbs of Athens.

One of the nicest open-air cinemas in the northern suburbs of Athens is the Mpomponiera in Kifisia.

It has been operating for over 100 years, specifically since 1918, showing new films and reissues.

So grab a cold beer and a pizza from its bar, sit at a table, and enjoy your movie.


9) Cine Zéphyros

Open Air Cinemas: Cine Zéphyros
Cine Zéphyros is located next to the city center, and you can combine it with a dinner in the area’s taverns.

You can find Cine Zéphyros in the neighborhood of Ano Petralona, ​​one of the most popular areas for a relaxing night out among the locals.

Here, you will mainly enjoy classic masterpieces and selected, less commercial, films from European cinema.

Do not forget to sit in the surrounding taverns right after the movie, some of the best in town.

There you can order meze, relax, and talk about the film for hours.


8) Athens Open Air Film Festival

Athens Open Air Film Festival
Photo: Ioannis Stefanidis / AOAFF 2021

As its name suggests, the Athens Open Air Film Festival is a… festival, not a specific cinema.

Unique spots at archaeological sites, parks, squares, beaches, museums, and other places around the city turn into open-air cinemas with free entrance for everyone!

It is a unique opportunity you should not miss if its dates are convenient.

You will find more information and the screening program at

7) Cine Alsos

Athens outdoor movie theaters: Cine Alsos
You will rarely find tourists in Cine Alsos as it is pretty far from the city center.

Cine Alsos is one of the town’s lesser-known and most beautiful Open Air Cinemas.

You can locate it in the New Philadelphia neighborhood, in an environment full of colors and pleasant smells.

It lets you enjoy the best summer movies while offering upgraded image and sound quality.

Furthermore, the sound volume does not turn down after 23:00, as in most other outdoor cinemas.


6) Open Air Cine Flisvos

Open Air Cinemas: Open Air Cine Flisvos
Open Air Cine Flisvos is just a few meters from the sea.

Do you stay in Athens Riviera? Or do you want to watch the latest movie productions next to the sea?

Then Open Air Cine Flisvos is the best choice for you.

Grab a frozen margarita from the bar, sit back, and enjoy the sea breeze.

The place is also ideal if you travel with your family, with a playground and a beautiful sidewalk by the sea nearby.


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5) Dexameni Outdoor Cinema

Open Air Cinemas: Dexameni Outdoor Cinema
You can find Dexameni Outdoor Cinema in Kolonaki, next to popular bars and restaurants.

Dexameni Outdoor Cinema is, along with Cine Aegli, Thision Open Air Cinema, and Cine Paris, the four most popular outdoor movie theaters in the center of Athens.

Located in a beautiful neighborhood near Lycabettus Hill, it is ideal for enjoying carefully selected movies among locals.

And as soon as the film is over, do not forget to enjoy your drink in the nearby bars.


4) Filothei Open Air Cinema

Athens outdoor movie theaters: Filothei Open Air Cinema
Filothei Open Air Cinema is a hidden gem, about 7 km away from the city center.

The Filothei Open Air Cinema is one of my favorites as it is located in a little green park full of night flowers in the suburb Filothei.

So, even on the hottest nights of the Athenian summer, it stays cool, while you may even need a cardigan!

At the same time, in its bar, apart from excellent cocktails, you will find authentic Italian ice creams and a hot dog that you should definitely try.


Top 3 Summer Cinemas in Athens City Center

All three following Open Air Cinemas are located in the “heart” of Athens.

Feel free to choose the one closest to your hotel, screening the movie that you like best.

3) Thision Open Air Cinema

Thision Open Air Cinema at night
Thision Open Air Cinema focuses on reissues of classic movies.

Built in 1935, Thision Open Air Cinema was voted by CNN Travel as the best movie theater in the world.

You will find it on the pedestrian street of Apostolou Pavlou, in a cozy, simple, and traditional place overlooking the Acropolis.

It is worth enjoying the reissues of classic movies that it usually shows, with some popcorn and a glass of wine from its bar.


2) Cine Aegli Summer Cinema

Open Air Cinemas: Cine Aegli Summer Cinema
At Cine Aegli Summer Cinema, you can watch first-run movies and summer blockbusters.

Next to the National Garden, just a few meters from Syntagma Square, you can find Athens’s oldest Open Air Cinema.

Cine Aegli Summer Cinema premiered in 1903 and continues to this day with first-run movies and summer blockbusters.

It is among my top three picks, offering excellent sound, great image quality, and a full bar.

Moreover, although it is located in the “heart” of the modern city, when you visit it, you will feel like you are on a tiny, quiet Greek island.


1) Cine Paris

People watching a movie at the open-air cinema Cine Paris with the illuminated Acropolis visible above them.
Image: Thalia Galanopoulou

After being closed for four years due to the pandemic and renovation work, Cine Paris is back!

Located in the center of Plaka, it operates on the rooftop of a beautiful neoclassical building on Kidathineon Street.

Here, in addition to the movies, you’ll enjoy a unique view of the illuminated Acropolis, which makes it an ideal destination for an unforgettable romantic date.

If you’re in the city with your loved one, you simply shouldn’t miss it!


Where to Stay in Athens?

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