A super brunch in Buena Vista Social Bar in Monastiraki Athens.

Brunch in Athens 2024: 9 Top Brunch Places to Visit

Is it time for brunch? Athens is your city! We’ve selected 9 top brunch places in Athens for you to satisfy your hunger today.

A few years ago, the word ‘brunch’ was almost unknown in Greece. However, by 2024, things have completely changed.

Athens is now full of places where you can enjoy a delicious brunch.

We have handpicked 9 top brunch places in Athens for you, each with its unique aesthetics and distinct taste profiles, ensuring you won’t want to visit just one.

Ready? Let’s begin!

Top Bruch Places of Athens on the Map

1. The Brunchers

The sign of The Brunchers cafe outside.

Our tour of Athens’ best brunches starts in the bustling neighborhood of Psirri, offering many options for a top-notch brunch.

Our first stop is The Brunchers, a place whose name signifies its brunch speciality.

Located on the pedestrian street of Agia Thekla in central Athens, near the Monastiraki metro station, The Brunchers stands out with its colorful, bright, high-ceilinged building, adorned with neoclassical and pop elements.

Choose to sit at the outdoor tables, on the first-floor balcony, or inside, and prepare for the brunch of your dreams.

As in any self-respecting brunch place, eggs take a place of honor.

Eggs, bacon and olives. An amazing plate from the menu in Brunchers cafe in Monastiraki Athens.

Choose from scrambled, omelets, strapatsada (an authentic Greek recipe with tomato and feta cheese), eggs benedict with options like bacon, pastrami, or smoked salmon, poached with avocado, or in a traditional version with Thessaloniki bun, Mykonos sausage, and aged graviera (an authentic Greek cheese) cream.

Then, it’s time for dessert. A brunch isn’t complete without pancakes.

If you love chocolate, the Chocolate Chip with praline, banana, and cashews is a must-try. Vanilla enthusiasts will be delighted by the Cinnamon & Vanilla with biscuit cream.

And for those looking to try something different, the red velvet version is a bold choice.

If you’re health-conscious, opt for a healthy bowl or avocado toast.

And for the very hungry, the menu offers hearty choices like the chicken club, various pizzas, or even pasta.

More information: The Brunchers


2. Minu Athens

Plants and a small statue in the garden of Minu Athens in Psyrri area.

Minu is more than just another brunch spot in Athens.

A mere two-minute walk from Thisio station, at the beginning of Sarri Street, you’ll find a place full of indoor and outdoor plants, with minimal aesthetics and special decor.

In this two-story neoclassical building, surrounded by art objects and flowers, you’ll discover the brunch of a good life.

It’s a space that radiates harmony and balance, worth exploring before settling down for brunch.

An added charm of Minu is that everything around you is for sale, so if something catches your eye, feel free to ask.

Now, let’s talk about brunch.

Decorated sweet tartes at Minu Athens

The menu features specialty coffee varieties and drinks with coconut, soy, or almond milk, alongside healthy bowls, smoothies, muffins, cakes, omelets, and tarts.

Noteworthy are the katsu sandwich with Iberian pork, the crispy wholemeal bread with salmon and chopped beetroot, and the bao bun with crispy chicken or mushrooms.

And for those following a vegan diet, the standout is the vegan carrot cake.

More information: Minu Athens.


3. Zampano

Jazz orchestra playing in Zampano Bistro Wine Bar.

How about a brunch in Athens accompanied by live jazz music?

At the other end of Sarri Street in the Psirri neighborhood, the City Circus Hostel hosts Zampano on the ground floor of its beautiful neoclassical building.

This unique Greek bistrot & wine bar is perfect for breakfast, brunch, or lunch daily.

But on Sundays, Zampano’s brunch is extra special with live music from the Jeepers Creepers Jazz Band trio.

Enjoy your coffee and a variety of delicious brunch options while listening to the live jazz performance.

The brunch menu includes avocado toast, carob pancakes with goat cheese, croque madame, eggs benedict with home-cured salmon, breakfast tacos with chorizo sausage, beef burger, vegan almond milk porridge, and scrambled tofu, along with a wide selection of coffees, teas, natural juices, and cocktails.

More information: Zampano.


4. Buena Vista Social Bar

The unique view of Acropolis from the terrace of Buena Vista Social Bar.

A top brunch destination in Athens for 2024 (and beyond) must include a view of the Acropolis!

The Buena Vista Social Bar, located in Avissinias Square between the Monastiraki and Thisio metro stations, offers the perfect rooftop setting for this.

Adorned with ethnic, Cuba-style decor and freestyle music, and with the Parthenon as a backdrop, it’s an ideal spot for one of the best breakfasts and brunches in Athens.

For a Greek twist, try the Pizza eggs with a traditional Thessaloniki bun, eggs, graviera (an authentic Greek cheese), jamon, and smoked Florinis pepper mayonnaise.

Another amazing brunch from the menu of Buena Vista Social Bar.

If Mexican cuisine is more your style, opt for the Papas con carne, a hearty dish with french fries, scrambled eggs, chili con carne, cheddar, and sour cream.

The menu also offers a variety of burgers, tacos, pizza, the special chorizo hot dog, churros (the Spanish doughnuts), and pancakes (the healthy one with peanut butter is a top choice).

Also, it’s worth noting that Buena Vista Social Bar is a great spot to return to in the evening for a cocktail while enjoying the view of the illuminated Acropolis.

More information: Buena Vista Social Bar.


5. Wild Souls Athens

Wild Souls. A beautiful cafe in Athens for brunch. Ideal for vegans.
Wild Souls Cafe in Athens

For vegans, Wild Souls in the heart of Athens, next to Syntagma Square, is the perfect brunch destination.

This modern, cozy cafe is filled with pop elements and a dominant orange color scheme.

Be sure not to miss their delicious halva, a typically traditional Greek vegan dessert.

Moreover, the tahini with carob on a whole banana with almonds and red fruit.

They also offer a wide variety of vegan milks (almond, peanut, sesame, hazelnut with cocoa), coffees, teas, vegan smoothies, and the delectable infernal praline in a cup (hazelnut butter, hazelnut milk, and agave syrup).

If you’re especially hungry, try their sandwiches, salads, and healthy bowls (the Greek & wild yogurt is a standout).

Additionally, you can find various nut butters on their shelves, perfect for creating your own homemade vegan breakfasts.

More information: Wild Souls.


6. Ergon House

The amazing yard of Ergo House in Athens with the olive tree in the centre.

Ergon House isn’t your typical brunch spot in Athens, but it’s a place you’ll love and, why not, enjoy a special brunch.

As soon as you enter, the 25-meter high atrium, bathed in light and featuring a real olive tree in the center, is sure to capture your heart.

Here, you’ll find a vibrant market with a fishmonger, butcher, grocer, bakery, and more.

Another view of Agora in Ergo House Athens.

Take a stroll and pick out what you’d like before sitting down.

Enjoy fresh bread straight from the oven, bougatsa (a Greek pie with cheese or cream), pancakes, stuffed donuts with Greek chocolate cookies, ice cream with runny chocolate, sandwiches, various croissants, omelets, and “peinirli” (the Greek style pizza).

Ergon House is also a fantastic choice for lunch or dinner.

More information: Ergon House.


7. Morning Bar

Fresh bread and cake in brunch menu of The Morning Bar in Koukaki Athens.

Koukaki, a popular neighborhood near the Acropolis Museum, is home to Morning Bar, a longtime favorite brunch spot in Athens.

The shop, which combines industrial and retro elements, resembles a large canteen and offers everything you need for a unique brunch experience.

Their menu includes homemade bread, homemade marmalades, crepes, a fantastic cheese bread with three Greek cheeses, specialty cinnamon rolls with cream cheese, the ultimate lemon biscuit, a brioche with boiled eggs, focaccia, sandwiches, and of course, high-quality coffee.

While the space itself may be simple, the flavors more than make up for it, a fact that has earned Morning Bar loyal followers over the years.

More information: Morning Bar.


8. Neratzia Café Bistrot

A stylish table and the elegant marble bar at Neratzia Café Bistrot.

Another top spot for brunch in Athens is located in Koukaki.

Neratzia Café Bistrot, named after the bitter orange trees that flourish in Athens, is situated on the ground floor of a beautiful neoclassical house.

Here, retro and pop decor blend harmoniously, with the large bar and its background wine cellar making a distinctive impression.

Brunch at Neratzia is not your typical fare.

The specialty here is the traditional pancakes with feta cheese, honey, cinnamon, and fruit salad.

Eggs Benedict, generously topped with hollandaise sauce, served for brunch at Neratzia Café Bistrot.

Also noteworthy is the unique village pie from the Greek island of Kasos, featuring dried figs, katiki Domokou, petimezi cream, and cherry tomatoes.

Beyond these, the menu offers a variety of options for a delicious breakfast or a light lunch.

And in the evening, Neratzia transforms into a perfect spot for a drink.

More information: Neratzia Café Bistrot.


9. Queen Bee Athens

Fresh croissants at Queen Bee Cafe in Kolonaki Athens.

Last but certainly not least is Queen Bee in Kolonaki, one of Athens’ most prestigious neighborhoods.

Accordingly, brunch here is a bit pricier.

Nevertheless, Queen Bee stands out for perhaps the tastiest croissants in the city, available in various flavors.

The in-house oven works non-stop, filling the entire shop with a delightful musk – a reason in itself for a visit.

More information: Queen Bee Athens.


Take Your Brunch and Run!

Now, let’s suggest some affordable options for a different brunch experience in Athens that doesn’t necessarily require sitting down.

To experience it like a local, follow our advice!

For the most delicious pies in Athens, head to the historic Ariston (since 1910) on Voulis Street, next to Syntagma. There you’ll find the city’s most iconic cheese pie.

Right across, grab a coffee to go from Oggi and a delicious cinnamon roll to enjoy after your cheese pie!

You can also find fantastic handmade cheese pies at Mam.

Another great bakery for specialty breads, baguettes, and croissants is Tromero Paidi.

The best bagels in Athens can be found at Amandine Bagels, located in the heart of the historic center.

Fantastic bagels in Amandine in the centre of Athens.

For traditional Greek coffee, visit the source: Loumidis in Omonia, the most famous coffee roaster in Athens. Besides Loumidis, Athens is full of cafes offering all sorts of grab-and-go coffees.

Finally, for smoothies and fresh, delicious fruit juices, try the Xymopoieio in Monastiraki and Fontana.

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