A tranquil evening scene of nightlife in Naousa, Paros, Greece, with a waterfront bar at sunset.

Paros Greece Nightlife: Top Bars & Clubs Beyond Tourist Traps

Ready for nightlife in Paros, Greece, with drinks, dance, and clubbing? Get all the insider tips, from small hidden bars to big mainstream clubs, all shared by a local.

Paros is known not only for its beautiful hotels, picturesque beaches, and local specialties.

After Mykonos, it is the most famous island of the Cyclades for its nightlife.

Mega clubs, top cocktail bars, as well as quiet spots for a relaxed drink by the sea or in a beautiful courtyard.

A glass with a green cocktail in it, decorated with a slice of lime and two basil leaves.

Paros, Greece’s nightlife, has options for all tastes.

One thing is certain: if you are a nightlife enthusiast, the dawn will find you out and about, either dancing non-stop at some nightclub or enjoying your drink at a beautiful bar.

As a local, however, I have to warn you, as there are bars and clubs that it’s better to stay away from.

And now, let’s move on to the main question…

What are the best bars and clubs in Paros, Greece?

Naousa: The Queen of Paros, Greece Nightlife

People dancing in a nightclub in Paros, Greece.

Undoubtedly, the heart of Paros, Greece’s nightlife beats in Naousa.

Here, most people meet after midnight.

Many are already there, dining at a restaurant, gathering strength for their night out.

In Naousa, your options for a drink or clubbing are numerous.

The absolute hotspot is the small port, which is divided into two parts.

On one side, there are restaurants full of people until around midnight.

On the other side, you will find bars and small clubs.

One next to the other, with their tables joining in the common area by the sea.

Here, you’ll find bars like Sommaripa Consolato Paros, Agosta, Methystra Bar, and the unique after-spot of Paros, Linardo.

People drinking and dancing in Agosta bar in Paros Greece.

Everything depends on how old you are and what you’re into.

If you’re 20, a party animal with money, then great!

These bars are packed, have quite high drink prices, and not always the best service.

The spot is nice for a stroll, for sure.

But it’s overcrowded, and if you sit outside, the music from each bar mixes with the next.

Be careful with the adulterated drinks and your wallets.

A hand squeezing an orange peel over a glass of Negroni, infusing the cocktail with a hint of orange essence.

Linardo, continuing when the other bars close around 3 am, has an entrance fee.

As a local and not in my first youth, I wouldn’t sit in any of these places.

I’d just stroll among the tables at the port to feel the vibes.

But again, it depends on how one enjoys themselves.

Moreover, if you’re a clubbing fan, Acanthus and Madame Badoo Paros are the two mega clubs of Naousa.

Too mainstream for my tastes, but to each their own…

My 3 Favorite Bars in Naousa

Within the picturesque alleys of Naousa, you’ll find several small – and a bit quieter – bars.

Among the nicest spots with not-so-mainstream music is Kosmos Cocktail Bar.

People chatting outside the beautiful Kosmos Bar in Naousa, Paros, Greece.

Strong cocktails, good service, and nice music selections, sometimes more ethnic.

The space inside is very small, but you can also sit outside.

It doesn’t overlook the sea, but the whole vibe screams Greek island.

Fotis All Day Bar is a classic choice for a drink in Naousa.

Paros Greece nightlife: A neon sign of a cocktail glass above the bustling Kosmos Bar.

The back side has tables right on the sea, where the waves break.

However, in recent years, the prices here have gone up.

Another favorite spot is Sante Cocktail Bar, almost hidden in a small square within Naousa’s alleys.

There, under the huge eucalyptus, you’ll enjoy nice cocktails and good music.

In August, it’s hard to find a seat, but standing is just fine too.

These are my three favorite bars in the bustling Naousa.

Enjoying Your Drink in Parikia

People enjoying their drink in a bar at Paros Greece.

Paros, Greece, nightlife continues with a stop, of course, in Parikia.

The harbor and the capital of Paros may not have the Naousa vibes regarding nightlife, but here, you can find many nice bars to enjoy your drink.

Several of them are located along the coastal road.

Evinos Bar stands out for the view it offers, being slightly elevated compared to the other bars.

In an old house of Parikia, it loves funk, soul, and rock music, and the cocktails.

One of the most popular and historic bars of Parikia is the Pirate Bar.

The famous Pirate Bar in Parikia of Paros Greece.

Since 1983, it has been a landmark for Paros, Greece, nightlife: in the picturesque alleys of Parikia, with a relaxed mood, blues and jazz music, and pure drinks.

Another option is Sativa Music Bar with African decor and a party mood.

The cozy Sativa Music Bar in Paros Greece, illuminated at night.

Here, too, the music choices range between rock and funk.

Like other bars in Parikia, Sativa does not operate only at night.

It’s an all-day spot with breakfast, brunch, and some dishes for a light lunch, and at night, it lets the music and alcohol take you away.

Booze ‘n’ Tales moves at a more relaxed pace at the end of the coastal road.

A barman serving cocktails at Booze 'n' Tales in Paroikia Paros.

It’s not easily spotted, which is why it usually doesn’t get too crowded.

Rock (mostly) music and good drinks are its strong suits.

For a fantastic view, go to Alexandros Cafe.

People seated in the yard of Alexandros Cafe Bar in Paros, Greece, at dusk, enjoying the sunset and a unique view of the Aegean Sea.

In a renovated windmill in front of the sea, it’s perfect for watching the sunset.

But you’ll also have a great time at night, as long as you’re in the mood for lounging.

An alternative suggestion for nightlife in Parikia is one of the tsipouradika (places serving tsipouro) that might have live music.

Koukoutsi, in the main square of Parikia, often hosts such nights for you to enjoy live Greek music.

Lounge Nights by the Sea

Paros Greece nightlife: Quaint white tables and chairs set by the seaside at Remezzo Bar.

Paros, Greece, nightlife is not strictly limited to Naousa and Parikia, the island’s two hotspots.

It certainly becomes more relaxed but equally atmospheric.

At Piso Livadi, Remezzo awaits you.

A cozy bar by the sea at night in Piso Livadi, part of Paros Greece nightlife, with small boats and tavern lights twinkling in the background.

A café-bar with tables set on the sand, right where the wave breaks, offers nice music, both Greek and foreign, and honest drinks.

One of the best bars in Paros can be found on the beach of Dryos on the island’s eastern side.

With 25 years of history, Bar Resalto is right by the sea and stands out for its owner’s music selections.

It usually plays old classic rock.

People sitting and chatting at Resalto, the rock bar on Dryos Beach in Paros.

Although it’s far from Naousa and Parikia, it usually has plenty of people who prefer it.

Of course, we’re not talking about teenagers who will go wild in Naousa, but about a slightly older age group.

A night with a moon at Resalto feels like something out of a movie.

If you don’t insist on being by the sea, Dryos also hosts The Green Project.

Three colorful cocktails lined up on the bar at The Green Project in Paros, Greece, awaiting service.

A different setting, a wonderful garden, and nice cocktails.

Here, too, the atmosphere is (usually) relaxed for a lounge night.

If you don’t want to sit at tables, you always have the option of an open-air bar.

It’s Time for a Beach Party!

The beach bars on Paros’ most famous beaches (Pounda, Krios, Monastiri, Marcelo, Golden Beach) play music non-stop all day.

Specifically, at Pounda Beach, the setting resembles an all-day club.

An outdoor swimming pool in Paros Punda Beach Club, the nightlife hotspot of Paros Greece.

In August, famous DJs play music at many of the island’s big beach bars from late afternoon until evening.

So, if you are in the mood, you can continue dancing in your swimsuit on the beach instead of looking for a bar for nighttime entertainment.

Live Your Myth… at a Festival

If you want to experience what Greek entertainment truly means, you must attend one of the festivals held in July and August.

They usually take place in villages on the occasion of a religious holiday.

At these festivals, live bands play traditional Greek music, and everyone gets up and dances hand in hand.

An enthusiastic violinist performing live at a traditional Greek fest in Paros, with a crowd of people dancing hand in hand.

It’s a really big celebration that lasts until dawn, with plenty of alcohol flowing.

Some of Paros’ festivals include: the festival of Agia Marina in Kostos (16 & 17 July), the festival of Sotiras in Aliki and Marpissa (6 August), and the festival of Agios Fanourios in Ampelas (27 August).

Also, a big celebration occurs at the Revival of the Tsambouna in Naousa on 17 July, and the Pirate Festival on 23 August.

On 15 August, during the great feast of the Panagia, Parikia and the Holy Shrine of the Virgin Mary Ekatontapyliani dress in their festive best, and the dances last until morning.

Finally, the Routes Festival in Marpissa, organized every year at the end of August in the picturesque namesake village, always ends with a big celebration in the village square.

As a local, I would tell you not to miss it.

It’s a real experience to live through!

An entire village dancing hand in hand, non-stop to island dances.

And with this image, I will close the chapter on Paros, Greece, nightlife.

Insider’s Guide to Paros

The pool of Andronis Minois hotel in Paros Greece.

Beyond nightlife, Paros has much more to offer.

If you want to enjoy everything the island provides, then check my other local guides:

Lastly, let me know in the comments below if you need any further assistance. I will be glad to help!

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