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Top 20 Escape Rooms In Athens To Try Right Now

Can you solve the riddles and break out of the top 20 Athens escape rooms? Join us and put your puzzle-solving skills to the test!

Last updated: 05 Apr 2024

Did you know Athens has some of the best Escape Rooms in the world?

In our top 20, you will find many awarded in international competitions with thousands of voters.

In fact, some Escape room enthusiasts visit the city to play in the top escape rooms of Athens.

So, if you are a visitor who loves trying new experiences on your trips, it is worth participating in at least one.

Especially if you are traveling with friends or family, it’s an effortless way to ensure everyone is having fun.

Most of the following Athens’ escape rooms are suitable for anyone, regardless of sex, age, or background, and do not require specific knowledge or qualification.

Additionally, they are not scary!

If you prefer participating in a horror escape room, scroll down to the bottom of this post.

Top 20 Escape Rooms in Athens in 2023: newspapers, glasses, myopic glasses, pen

Five must-know tips before participating in Athens’ top escape rooms with riddles:

  1. You can make an online reservation on all the Escape Rooms in the following list.

  2. The price depends on the duration of the game and the number of players participating. Indicatively, it usually ranges between 15 and 30 euros per person. However, all the games on the list are value-for-money choices.

  3. Most games can accommodate teams of 2 to 5 persons. Nevertheless, some support 1 person and some others up to 7. If you have a special request, I highly recommend you contact the game masters and ask for their help. The best contact option, if available, is the phone.

  4. All games are available in English. However, all websites aren’t, so Google Translate is your friend. Once again, if you are not sure about something, it’s better to contact the game masters directly.

  5. Escape rooms #16, #14, #12, #8, #7, #6, #4, #3, and #1 operate even after midnight – or start their last game at 23:30! If your schedule is busy, consider this option as well.

Map of Athens’ Top Escape Rooms with Riddles

#20 Another Dimension @ ESC

Another Dimension at ESC

Plot: We are in 2047.

You work as a scientific staff in a research center called SciEsc Laboratory.

According to the rumors, there is something “huge” going on in Sector E, including research and experiments to enter different dimensions and parallel universes.

Access to Sector E is strictly forbidden, but due to your curiosity, you decide to enter.

But you don’t enter just Sector E, but another world that you should never have entered…

Time to escape: 80′

Players: 2-5

Book on the official website:

#19 Blind Mode @ Way Out Escape Rooms

Blind Mode At Way Out Escape Rooms

Plot: You were on a beautiful beach in Hawaii.

In your attempt to change a swimsuit, you were locked in an abandoned hut with no light.

Your only goal is to get out of it without using your eyes and find your swimsuit.

Will you be able to escape by solving puzzles in complete darkness?

Time to escape: 70′

Players: 1-4

Book on the official website:

#18 Lambelet 16 – The Hideout @ Kar.Lo Company

Top 20 Escape Rooms In Athens With Riddles [2023]: Lambelet 16 - The Hideout At Kar.Lo Company

Plot: The CIA hideout in Athens, abandoned since the 80s, reopens its doors, revealing real conspiracies and post-colonialism secrets.

Actual terrorism files, declassified CIA documents, and the political background of the time invite you to find out what really happened.

Time to escape: 120′

Players: 3-8

Book on the official website:

#17 Archon’s Bar @ Rubicon

Archon's Bar At Rubicon

Plot: You participate in a puzzle game with a trophy of the secret recipe for the most famous cocktail in the world!

But is that the real reason you are there?

Time to escape: 100′

Players: 2-5

Book on the official website:

#16 The Creepy Store And The Lost Souls @ Escapepolis

The Creepy Store And The Lost Souls At Escapepolis

Plot: On the outside, it looks like any other typical American store, with toys, candy, and household items.

Inside, however, this picture changes.

Guilty secrets, abhorrent crimes, and metaphysical presences, haunting the shelves and corridors for years, return from the past and threaten.

So start solving the mystery because time is not on your side, and the entrapped souls demand answers here and now…

The “Creepy Store”, New Jersey, 1984.

The hermetically closed John and Martha Devil store, which used to thrive with life, weaves a mysterious veil over the local community.

Urban legend or truth that this store is haunted?

That it curiously opens its doors only once a year, always on the same day, and for some hours?

With your group, you decide to discover whether it is another unfounded legend- a product of ill imagination- or whether there is even a little shot of truth in this creepy story.

The only way to solve the mystery is by being at the right place, the right time: at the Creepy Store, where answers to the inexplicable phenomena that haunt people’s lives are hidden…

Soon you will face dead children’s spirits who once went through the store doors.

They are coming to warn you that you have to leave quickly.

Otherwise, you will be trapped forever, like them.

Will you make it or stay forever jailed in Devils’ Hell?

Time to escape: 105′

Players: 2-5

Book on the official website:

#15 Otherside @ Escaped

Best Escape Rooms in Athens: Otherside At Escaped

Plot: History repeats itself…

But this time, you are trapped on the other side, and returning is difficult.

The experiments at Hawkins never ceased.

Only a girl with supernatural powers can help to turn back and close the Gateway of the Otherside once and for all!

Hurry up because, in 80 minutes, her forces will weaken…

Don’t waste time!

Time to escape: 80′

Players: 2-4

Book online:

#14 The Dark Side Of The Elements @ Exit Plan

The Dark Side Of The Elements At Exit Plan

Plot: Every 5,000 years, when three planets are in eclipse, the black hole opens like a door, and evil enters, sowing terror and chaos.

The four elements of life, Water, Earth, Air, and Fire, are grouped around a fifth element: Light, the source of life.

Every element is a huge force on its own.

Yet, altogether, work in harmony to produce the Light of Creation.

But the time of the eclipse is now near, and the four elements have already lost their balance.

The light has been lost.

As the eclipse approaches, myths and legends surface, revealing a well-hidden and sacred Altar of the elements.

Whoever discovers it will go through many difficulties and will have to travel a long way to find the light.

To accomplish this goal, one thing is needed.

Selenite, the crystal that, according to the legends, is hidden in the Forest of Souls.

Only the ray of light of Selenite can activate the rainbow.

Otherwise, the light will turn into darkness and life into death forever.

Unfortunately, there are only a few minutes left until the eclipse!

Nevertheless, “Time does not matter, only life.”

Time to escape: 80′

Players: 2-5

Book on the official website:

#13 Rebellion @ Clock Escape Rooms

Plot: The letter didn’tdidn’t leave room for errors…

“King Eric,

At 7 moons, a small fellowship of brave heroes must be summoned in Dorrar…

Do not resist…

The path for preserving balance in the old world begins from the dungeons…


Will you succeed in aiding the rebellion to overthrow Grimbar and his paranoid plans?

Time to escape: 90′

Players: 2-5

Book on the official website:

#12 Dark Mirror @ Escapepolis

Dark Mirror At Escapepolis

Plot: A trip in a parallel universe starring you, a group of people victims of a strange experimentalist working far beyond the scientific standards of our kind.

Demanding missions put human nature to the test; there are few margins of error and only one door leading to freedom-or, at least, to what Dark Mirror presents as freedom…

The adventure starts with you and your group in a futuristic room of experiments, in preparation for your daily duties, with your memory suffering a total loss over the last few days.

This is a nerve-wracking routine: a series of special tests-missions to be carried out precisely to activate a peculiar “scientific’’ challenge inspired by a mysterious experimentalist.

His revelation will evoke thrilling questions and surprises.

Every successful mission will bring you closer to your release…

Or will it not?

Could it all be an illusion?

Will you escape the experimentalist’s sadist plans through the unlocked door?

Will this move prove wise, or what looks like freedom is damnation in this time and place?

Join this team if you want to experience a body-mind challenge, and who knows?

You may be pleasantly surprised…

Time to escape: 110′

Players: 3-6

Book on the official website:

#11 The Order Of Light @ Braincells

Best Escape Rooms in Athens: The Order Of Light At Braincells

Plot: The endless search for the most mythical of treasures.

The ambition and the danger around the investigation of the biggest conspiracy in human history, which was set up with a single purpose: to protect the location of the most legendary object.

Numerous writings and rumors, verses and historical testimonies, occult sciences, and secular conspiracies all conclude that absolute knowledge demands the absolute good as a price.

You are the new members of a secret team to search and locate historical treasures and valuables.

It seems that your predecessors mysteriously disappeared during an investigation, but no one can confirm that.

Having, as unique traces, the last address where they were and a file that mysteriously reached your hands, it is now your responsibility to find out what happened to them and continue their investigation.

Time to escape: 105′

Players: 3-6

Book on the official website:

Top Escape Rooms Of Athens: Top 10

#10 Lilliput @ Art Of Escape

Lilliput At Art Of Escape

Plot: The test you wrote a few days ago did not go well for you!

So you have to find a way to fix the problem…

You know the ‘eccentric’ physics professor keeps it locked in the drawer in his office!

All you have to do is… go into the drawer and fix it!

How are you going to achieve this?

You will shrink using the professor’s secret formula!

But does the professor hide more in the drawer than you can imagine?

Time to escape: 90′

Players: 2-6

Book on the official website:

#9 Omerta @ Last Wish

Omerta At Last Wish

Plot: 1959

Lord Bryndt, with his wife Monica Fletcher and their seven-year-old son Jack, arrives from Brownhill County in Great Harwood and decides to build an inn, the famous “Golden Key”.


The parents of now-adult Jack are missing.

He hastily returns from London, where he is studying.

No trace of them has been found so far.

The only thing found is the phrase: “he who does not hear, does not see, and does not speak, lives a hundred years”, written in blood on a mirror.

Frustrated with the authorities of Great Harwood, Jack decides to take matters into his own hands and, thirsty for the truth, hires you to search for his beloved parents.

The case is difficult, and the evidence is lacking.

Will you succeed?

Time to escape: 140′

Players: 3-5

Book on the official website:

#8 The Prison @ Adventure Arena

The Prison At Adventure Arena

Plot: The court’s verdict against your gang was final and irrevocable: LIFETIME CONDEMNATION.

But there is one last hope.

A corrupt warden of the maximum security prison you’ll be transferred to has helped criminals escape in the past for a price.

His plan includes all the steps of the escape coded so that the other guards don’t notice.

After consulting him, you know that you will only have a short time at your disposal, where no other guards will be present to stop you from escaping.

Can you make it?

Time to escape: 80′

Players: 2-6

Book on the official website:

#7 The Mine Box @ The Box

The Mine Box At The Box

Plot: The landslide in the old mine left the mining in the middle.

But oxygen is your biggest problem…

The old mine oxygen machine is collapsing.

You hope that your sharp breaths will help you.

But now you cannot go back!

You have to find the gems at all costs and manage to get out before it’s too late…!

Time to escape: 80′

Players: 2-6

Book on the official website:

#6 The Cursed Willy @ Sherlocked Homes

Best Escape Rooms in Athens: The Cursed Willy At Sherlocked Homes

Plot: It was late 1719!

The legendary pirate single-eyed Willie, having looted everything he encountered in the sea, is informed by a captive, just before killing him, of the existence of a tune that would endow him not with eternal riches but eternal life if he ever happened to hear it!

Well, he decided to follow the steps indicated and try to make it his own!

And that is how it all turned out!

Willie managed to steal the tune from the aboriginals of the distant island Ram and took shelter in his hideout!

However, he underestimated the spiritual strength of the aboriginals who cursed him “To live eternally, yet without flesh!”.

The myth goes that ever since no one has seen him, and whoever tried to enter his hideout could not escape it; even his soul was captured!

Well, you are now castaways on Ram island!

Ona aboriginals capture you! To let you go, they demand to be given back the tune.

Then, blindfolded, they lead you, after walking for hours, to Willie’s hideout that they found after years of searching!

The hideout opens its gates every hour.

Will you steal the tune of everlasting life, thus winning your freedom from the aboriginals?

Otherwise, according to the myth, you will be detained in company with Willie and the rest of the souls.

You have 70′ to find out!

Time to escape: 70′

Players: 2-5

Book on the official website:

#5 Wanted: Dead Or Alive @ No Exit

Wanted: Dead Or Alive At No Exit

Plot: We are looking for the brothers Mc Failures, well known for their robberies, the worst band of thieves the town of Holy Cow has ever had to deal with.

Whoever finds them will be rewarded handsomely with a decent amount of 1.33$.

Justin Case, Sheriff

Time to escape: 90′

Players: 3-5

Book on the official website:

#4 Cosmos 05 @ Escapepolis

Plot: Year 2338.

Planet Earth is on the brink of catastrophe due to overpopulation and environmental pollution.

Humanity is in peril.

Research spaceship COSMOS 05, with its crew, leads a mission of 5 spacecraft traveling over the last 25 years toward planet Kepler-186f.

They aim to find out whether it is suitable for colonization by the Earth’s population.

Captain Hurt has suddenly wakened up from his 24-year cryo-genetic stasis only to realize that some of his fellow members of the crew are dead in their Capsules.

He meets a familiar presence as he tries to determine what went wrong.

ERIK co-commander, the vessel AI supercomputer, has taken control of the vessel and has only one goal.

To terminate the mission before it approaches the planet and the biggest conspiracy in world history comes to light: ERIK is programmed by the Earth’s elite class to sabotage the whole project.

The fact that Kepler-186f has been colonized for thousands of years now must remain a secret.

Your task is to take control of the vessel, bring it back to orbit, and, most importantly, disarm ERIK.

Fight against Time and Death.

The Earth depends on your help.

Will humanity make it or be lost forever in eternity?

Time to escape: 120′

Players: 1-5

Book on the official website:

Top 3: Death Row, Ice Tike, Paradox

#3 Death Row @ No Exit

Best Escape Rooms in Athens: Death Row At No Exit

Plot: The decision was made against you.

The request for pardon was rejected.

The plot against you is so well made that it leads you all to death row.

The time of execution for one of you is approaching. The electric chair is ready for use, but damage to the central system delays the guards in executing the sentence.

Will there be enough time to find evidence of your innocence, or will you witness the execution of your friends, but also yours…?

Time to escape: 100′

Players: 3-5

Book on the official website:

#2 Ice Tiki @ Way Out Escape Rooms

Ice Tiki At Way Out Escape Rooms

Plot: The story begins after the big explosion that caused the destruction of Hawaii and places us on a ship in the middle of nowhere, near the Arctic.

Ice Tiki is an exploration ship that has searched for valuable treasures, such as the Hawaiian Tikis.

Tikis are wooden statuettes of great value that are rumored to have various elemental powers.

Also, they are the protectors and saviors of Hawaii.

So, your mission is to find them and return them to the right hands.​

Time to escape: 120′

Players: 4-6

Book on the official website:

#1 Paradox Project Trilogy @ Paradox Project

Plot: An unexpected invitation.

A long-distanced relative, after a long time, appears again.

Sensing guilty loose ends coming after him, he invites you to his Mansion to share a secret with roots dating back to his past & his adventurous time in Africa.

Are you ready to discover the bitter truth?

Local’s Tip: Having been awarded in numerous competitions as the top Escape Room in Europe, and one of the best worldwide, but also my personal favorite, the Paradox Project, deserves special mention.

The trilogy includes the houses, not rooms, Paradox Project: The Mansion, Paradox Project 2: The Bookstore, and Paradox Project 3: The Music Academy.

I strongly recommend that you start with Paradox Project: The Mansion.

You will be amazed.

Time to escape: 180′ – 200′

Players: 3-7

Book on the official website:

Best Horror Escape Rooms in Athens!

If you’re curious about how the above rooms ranked in previous years, be sure to check out the 10 Best Escape Rooms Of Athens In 2022.

Are you a horror fan?

In addition to the top 20 escape rooms with riddles of Athens, you can participate in the city’s Best Horror Escape Rooms!

They are intense and scary, involving live actors in their gameplay.

You’ll have to work with your team under pressure to solve the puzzles and escape before time runs out.

And don’t forget to check the hidden gems of Athens guide for more unusual ideas to explore during your trip.

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