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The Best Months for Perfect Weather in Athens

With its hot summer and sunny weather almost year-round, you know what to expect when visiting Athens!

You can walk around the scenic alleys of Plaka, visit the Acropolis and world-class museums, and enjoy the Greek cuisine and bars.

But if you want to find the perfect weather to explore this vibrant, full-of-history city, follow our guide to when to visit.

Best season for Athens: Dionysiou Areopagitou Str.

What is the Hottest Month in Athens?

Athens Weather by Month: Average temperature by month
Athens generally has mild winters and hot, sunny summers. Data source;

The hottest month in Athens is July, with the average maximum temperature reaching 32.6 degrees Celsius (91 Fahrenheit).

At the same time, the absolute maximum temperature can rise to 42.8 degrees Celsius (109 Fahrenheit).

Therefore, it’s a must to have sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat in your suitcase if you are about to visit the city.

What is the Coldest Month in Athens?

Absolute temperature by month
Temperature can reach 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit) even in April or October. Data source;

The coldest month in Athens is January, with a maximum average temperature of 12.9 degrees Celsius (55 Fahrenheit).

The average minimum is even lower, at 6.5 degrees Celsius (44 Fahrenheit).

Even if you come from a northern and significantly colder country, don’t forget your coat and beanie. The weather is chilly, even if it doesn’t look so, and you will likely catch a cold.

What Month Does Athens Have the Best Weather?

Tourists walking in Monastiraki square

Regarding weather conditions, the best month to visit Athens is between Mid-April to May and September to October.

The sun is shining almost every day, the average temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius (77 Fahrenheit), and the crowds are thinner.

You will also be able to find better deals, both on flights and in hotels, than in the summer season.

Athens Weather by Month

Athens Weather by Month: Number of days with rain
The chance of rain is relatively low, even during the winter. Packing an umbrella, though, between October and April is a good idea. Data source;

Athens is reputed to have almost 300 days of sunshine a year, even during the winter.

Indeed, rainy days are few, less than 45 a year.

At the same time, the temperature can reach 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit) even in April or October.

Athens Weather in January

January is the coldest month of the year, with the average temperature ranging between 6.5 and 12.9 degrees Celsius (44 and 55 Fahrenheit).

In some rare cases, it can fall below 0 (32 Fahrenheit); however, there are likely spring days in the heart of winter.

These days are called Halcyon days, last 4-5 24 hours, and are due to the geographical location of Greece in the south-eastern Mediterranean.

So, if you choose January for your visit to Athens, you may have the chance to take walks in the city as if it were spring.

How to get dressed: Don’t be fooled by the temperature.

The biting cold can seep under your coat, so make sure you bring a heavy one with you.

Also, make sure you check the What to Pack for Athens all-year long list for more.

Athens Weather in February

The weather in February is similar to that in January.

Temperatures are almost equal, between 6.9 and 13.6 degrees Celsius (45 and 56 Fahrenheit).

Towards the month’s end, nevertheless, warm days become more frequent, and you can get the first taste of spring.

In fact, there is a local saying roughly translated as “in Greece, you can smell the summer from February”.

How to get dressed: Like in January, don’t be fooled by the high temperatures compared to northern countries.

The cold can be tricky, especially when the sun sets.

Also, make sure you take your umbrella with you since it is one of the rainiest months of the year; on average, it rains six days a month.

Athens Weather in March

By now, you should have understood that Greeks have a lot of local sayings about the weather.

There is one for March too, and it goes like “March, the month that scratches and burns the stakes”.

The phrase was widespread in the past, and people used it because the cold of March came suddenly, while the stocks of wood for burning were exhausted after the winter.

Of course, March is warmer than January and February.

The average temperature ranges between 8.4 and 16 degrees Celsius (47 and 61 Fahrenheit).

Spring has started, and the climate is enjoyable, with many sunny days, especially towards the end of the month.

Nonetheless, weather conditions are not as stable as from mid-April onwards.

So, it is possible to encounter rain about six days a month.

How to get dressed: the truth is that March remains one of the most challenging months to pack your suitcase.

It’s a good idea to have some spring and winter clothes with you.

And of course, don’t forget your umbrella and your sunglasses.

Athens Weather in April

Since mid-April, the spring in Athens is at its best.

Rainy days are reduced to about four a month, and the weather is sunny.

At the same time, the average temperature ranges between 11.6 and 20.3 degrees Celsius (53 and 69 Fahrenheit).

However, it is not rare to encounter even 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit) during the day.

How to get dressed: Pack a few T-shirts, sunglasses, sweaters, and a light jacket.

In addition, you can take your swimsuit with you.

During most days of April, you can swim in the sea, if you are ok with the refreshing water. My personal best is March 15th, and I can assure you that the sea wasn’t as cold as you would expect.

Athens Weather in May

The Acropolis of Athens, under a clear blue sky, and a lot of trees in front of it.

With the average temperature between 15.4 and 25.3 degrees Celsius (60 and 78 Fahrenheit) and the absolute maximum at 35.5 degrees (96 Fahrenheit), you will understand why the Athenians say that summer lasts six months per year.

Perhaps the most lovely month of the year.

How to get dressed: Your packing list should not lack t-shirts, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and a swimsuit.

Even in May, however, do not forget to take a light jacket with you.

This is because, during the night, the weather gets cooler, and you don’t want to catch a cold while on vacation.

Athens Weather in June

A walkway under a tree-shaded arch in the National Garden in Athens.

Summer in Athens starts dynamically from the beginning of June, and you will understand it as soon as you arrive in the city.

The average temperature during the day reaches 29.8 degrees Celsius, and in the evening, 20.1 (86 and 68 Fahrenheit, respectively).

However, heat waves are not uncommon, with the thermometer in these cases reaching even 42 degrees Celsius (108 Fahrenheit)!

At the same time, the chance of rain is minimal, as on average, it rains one day per month.

Even in this case, however, it lasts a few hours.

How to get dressed: Once again, don’t forget to pack your sunscreen, sunglasses, and hat, as well as drink water often.

Bottled water is cheap in Athens, about 0,50 euros per 500 ml.

A vacuum flask bottle, though, is more than useful as you will always have cold water, and you will reduce plastic use.

Athens Weather in July

Panoramic view of the Aegean Sea with islands and a lighthouse in the background.

During July in Athens you will find the same weather as in June, but a bit warmer.

The average temperature during the day is 32.6 degrees Celsius, while in the evening, it’s 22.5 (91 and 73 Fahrenheit, respectively).

Heatwaves are even more frequent, with the thermometer sometimes reaching 42.8 degrees Celsius (109 Fahrenheit).

However, due to climate change, 2022 was hotter than ever.

So, in some areas, it reached 46 degrees Celsius (115 Fahrenheit)! In such extreme scenarios, prefer to go to the sea or visit indoor venues with air-conditioning (e.g., museums).

As for the outdoor attractions, it’s best to sightsee early in the morning or late afternoon.

How to get dressed: Don’t even think about coming into town without sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat unless you plan to buy them here.

Furthermore, dress as light as possible and avoid dark colors as they absorb more sunlight.

Finally, packing a swimsuit is always a good idea, even if you are unsure about visiting the sea.

Athens Weather in August

Night view of Lycabettus Hill under the moonlight, as seen from Stadiou street, next to Syntagma.

August in Athens is, along with July, the two hottest months of the year.

Specifically, the average temperature ranges between 22.3 and 32.3 degrees Celsius (72 and 90 Fahrenheit), while the absolute maximum reaches 40.7 degrees (105 Fahrenheit).

After August 20th, however, the maximum temperatures begin to decrease significantly, and the heat becomes more bearable.

The chances of rain, however, remain minimal.

Moreover, the nights of August deserve special mention – their beauty is magical!

Especially August’s full moon night is among my favorite times of the year.

Choose a beach or a place like Filopappou Hill and get ready to enjoy the moon like never before.

How to get dressed: Like in July, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat are a must-have in your bag.

The same dress code also applies. Again, dress as lightly as possible and don’t forget your swimsuit.

Athens Weather in September

View of the Athens' Roman Agora, with the Tower of the Winds at left, and the Acropolis in the background.

The temperatures of September are ideal; it has enough heat and sun to feel like summer but without the heatwaves.

In addition, the wind speed becomes a bit stronger, cooling the atmosphere.

That’s why some Athenians choose to go on summer vacation at the beginning of September.

In fact, if you talk to them, they will tell you that it is the best month for a summer holiday.

The average temperature ranges between 19.2 and 28.9 degrees Celsius (67 and 84 Fahrenheit).

How to get dressed: Pack your suitcase for a summer vacation.

But do not forget to take a light jacket with you – you will need it in the evenings.

Athens Weather in October

According to local lore, October is the month of “little summer”.

At the same time, however, it is the month that farmers traditionally wait for the rain to irrigate their crops.

Indeed, compared to September, October brings more rain – about four days per month.

But the chances remain small to keep you from exploring the city.

Just make sure that you will get your umbrella with you.

As for the average temperature, during the day, it is 23.1 degrees Celsius, and in the evening 14.9 (74 and 59 Fahrenheit, respectively).

Yet, even exceeding 33 degrees (91 Fahrenheit) is possible, which confirms the popular tradition.

How to get dressed: The weather is wonderful in October, and you will not need more than a T-shirt and a pair of jeans during the day.

But as it gets darker, it becomes cooler, so you might need some light sweaters.

Athens Weather in November

View of Lycabettus Hill, with trees in the foreground, as seen from Stadiou street, next to Syntagma.

If November is the ideal time for you to visit Athens, you will notice that the weather is quite strange.

At the beginning of the month, many people walk in the street wearing only a T-shirt since the maximum temperature can even exceed 27 degrees Celsius (81 Fahrenheit).

Still, as the end of the month approaches, the city gets colder.

Therefore, especially in the evenings, you may need to have a coat with you.

The average temperature during the day reaches 18.6 degrees Celsius and in the evening 11.4 (66 and 53 Fahrenheit, respectively), while it rains on average five days a month.

How to get dressed: Packing your suitcase for November in Athens can be a bit challenging.

A small umbrella, a sweater, and a raincoat are a must, but you don’t want to forget your T-shirts and sunglasses too!

Athens Weather in December

Crowded Christmas market inside the Old Depot of OSY in central Athens.

Winter begins in Athens in December, the rainiest month of the year.

In particular, it usually rains seven days a month, which may not sound too much, but for the city’s standards are a lot.

At the same time, the temperature drops and averages 14.7 degrees Celsius during the day and 8.3 degrees at night (59 and 47 Fahrenheit, respectively).

How to get dressed: Do not expect to see snow, but make sure you dress very well.

Even if the weather does not sound cold enough, it is easy to be fooled and catch a cold which is the last thing you want on your vacation.

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