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How to Get Uber in Corfu: A Locals 2024 Guide (Explained)

Yes, Uber now also operates in Corfu, but in practice, finding an available vehicle through its platform proves to be more than challenging.

In an effort to expand its services to more Greek destinations, Uber announced in April 2023 that it would begin operating in Corfu.

So, after launching “Uber in Athens,” “Uber in Santorini,” and “Uber in Thessaloniki,” Uber included one more Greek location.

This addition made Corfu another destination where you can use the app, among the over 10,000 cities it serves worldwide.

However, in practice, it turns out that accessing its services on the island can be challenging.

Specifically, opening the Uber app allows you to select destinations in Corfu, such as Corfu Airport and Corfu Port.

Nevertheless, as soon as you enter your starting point and destination, you will likely get the message “No Taxis Available.”

Does Uber work in Corfu?

Uber in Corfu: a senior man driving a Mercedes-Benz car.

As you can read in detail in the article “Uber In Athens 2024? What’s Really Going On!” Uber is not allowed to cooperate with non-professional taxi drivers in Greece.

Simply put, this means the popular UberX service is unavailable in the country.

Instead, the platform can offer the Uber Taxi service.

To do so, Uber must cooperate with regular taxis, the number of which is specifically determined by the state.

“No problem,” you might say, “I’ll pick those.”

And yes, that could be the solution if you visited Corfu in winter.

Then, only the permanent residents are on the island, and taxis are typically sufficient – perhaps even more than enough.

However, during the tourist season, from spring to autumn, the demand significantly exceeds the supply.

Taxi drivers, who find customers on the street, prefer not to use apps like Uber to save on commissions.

As a result, the message “No Taxis Available” appears more frequently than usual.

Taxi Drivers vs. Uber

Uber in Corfu: A row of parked taxis with their roof lights turned off.

To address this problem, Uber attempted to partner with other companies that provide transportation mediation services after starting its operations in Corfu.

However, this move faced strong reactions from taxi drivers, which sometimes even resulted in incidents.

In particular, taxi drivers claim that they have paid significantly for their licenses and that third-party transfer providers create unfair competition.

Additionally, there is concern that the platform could negatively impact the local community, as taxi drivers, the primary operators in winter, may not earn sufficient income.

On the other hand, Uber’s spokeswoman in Greece stated that the company aims to work closely with the taxi driver community.

She also committed to “providing ways to support local businesses through innovative and more sustainable approaches.”

As for those in favor of Uber, they criticize taxi drivers for monopolizing the market, leading to poor service, insufficient transportation availability, and high prices.

Uber Alternatives in Corfu

Colorful buildings along a seafront promenade in Corfu

In any case, there are decent alternatives that you can use.

If you are not rushing to get to your destination, you can look for a taxi on the street or walk to a taxi rank near you.

However, if you just landed after a long flight or must catch your flight, I recommend using a pre-booked taxi to avoid the hassle.

The service I usually recommend, especially for airport and port transfers, is the local startup Welcome Pickups; it offers excellent service and has expanded rapidly to many cities abroad.

Even though their flat rate is a few euros more expensive, they are worth it.

They use only top-rated drivers and wait for you at the arranged meeting point, even if your arrival is delayed.

But in your daily commute, you may need to find the phone number of a local taxi driver to avoid inconvenience.

Don’t worry – all the hotels and Airbnbs on the island have someone to recommend.

Alternatively, if you drive, you can consider renting a car.

The service I use in cases like this is Rentalcars.com: it compares all rental companies and provides user reviews and the best prices.

How Much Will I Pay for a Taxi in Corfu?

Close-up of a taxi sign on the roof of a car.

According to the Greek Ministry of Transport, taxis across the country must follow a unified tariff system.

There’s a minimum charge at the start of the journey; from there, the taximeter calculates the total cost.

Specifically, if you use a taxi in Corfu, the pricing is as follows:

Minimum fare4,00 euros
Base fare1,80 euros
Cost per km0,90 euros between 05:00 and 23:59 and 1,25 euros between 00:00 and 04:59.
Cost per minute0,30 euros. This charge only applies when the Taxi vehicle fully stops (e.g., traffic lights, STOP signs, etc.).

Additionally, there are specific surcharges:

Airport surcharge4,00 euros
Luggage surcharge (heavier than 10kg)0,39 euros each
Harbor or bus stops surcharge1,07 euros

It’s important to remember that the car’s taximeter will be active throughout your journey, calculating your fare in real-time, excluding any surcharges.

At the end of your route, the driver will stop the taximeter and determine the final fare, including any applicable surcharges.

Insights and Beyond

Panoramic view of Corfu town showing packed traditional houses and the old fortress.

I hope this article helped you understand how the Uber app operates in Corfu.

You may also want to check out other Greek destinations, like Athens; in the ‘First Time in Athens Survival Guide,’ you can find how to save money and time.

Also, find out where to stay in the ‘10 best neighborhoods in Athens.’

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