Scary escape rooms in Athens

10 Scary Escape Rooms You Must Try in Athens

Are you looking for the best scary escape rooms in Athens? Then, check out these 10 amazing horror-themed games with actors involved.

The following article is about the top horror escape rooms in Athens in 2022. Click here for the updated best horror escape rooms in Athens in 2023!

You may already know that Athens has some of the best Escape Games in the world.

But did you know that you can feel like playing in a horror movie by participating in a Horror / Action Escape Room?

Here are my top 10 recommendations for the scary escape rooms in Athens you should definitely try!

All these rooms offer great overall experiences and will excite you.

Of course, “top” is subjective, so please read through to find a game suitable for you!

Scary escape rooms in Athens: crows in front of the full moon

Six tips to know before participating in Athens’ scary escape rooms:

  1. You can make an online reservation on all the Escape Rooms in the following list.
  2. The price depends on the duration of the game and the number of players participating. Indicatively, it usually ranges between 10 and 30 euros per person. However, all the games on the list are value for money.
  3. Most games can accommodate teams of 2 to 5 people. Nevertheless, some support 1 person and some others up to 7. If you have a special request, it is better to contact the game masters and ask for their help. The best contact option, if available, is the phone.
  4. All games are available in English. However, the same does not apply to all websites, precisely those of Escape Rooms #9, #7, and #5. So, once again, if you are not sure about something, it’s better to contact the game masters directly.
  5. Escape rooms #8, #5, and #1 are operating even after 00:00 at night! If your schedule is busy, you might consider this option as well.
  6. Most games include a live performance and recommend comfortable clothing.

#10 Swamp Of Sorrows @ Room 54

Plot: You move in the dark and feel the moist atmosphere around you…

You can hear your breath growing faster as you feel the danger approaching.

The infinite silence interrupts eerie screams and OFS.

You discover that you are not alone…

Some of them are beside you, in front of you, behind you.

Everyone is here for a reason.

Is the same for everyone?

You’re going to have to find out soon enough.

If you don’t, you’ll turn into one of those cursed creatures that roam around to piece you.

The creatures that the creator of Magic sent to stop you.

Nature is imprisoned, and your purpose is to bring order back.

If you do not do it, the tears and the sadness will bring destruction.

Make the right decisions.


Time to escape: 70′ or 120′ – depends on the mode.

Players: 2-5

Book on the official website:

#9 The Litchver Woodland @ Dare Escape Rooms

The Litchver At Woodland

Plot: As courageous campers, you and your company make the big decision; camp in the haunted, Litchver forest!

You contact a resident of a nearby village, deep in the Carpathian Mountains of distant Romania, and persuade him to tell you about the legend of the forest and the many disappearances there.

The stranger initially strongly urges you to cancel the trip but then bows down and promises to help you get to the spot, giving you his old car.

A development that eventually pushes you to visit him!

Legend of Litchver says that Aaron, a lonely and bizarre hunter, lived there hunting in the forest many years ago.
One rainy night, a village girl, little Emily, got lost and found herself on his way.

He is said to have shot the little one under unknown circumstances and left her to die helplessly. The place has since been haunted!

And at the place where little Emily died, a giant dead Olive tree grew in the middle of the road.

As for the bizarre hunter, Aaron, no one has ever seen him.

Stories are told that he was sealed in a big cave in the forest since then, but nothing ever… has not been confirmed…

Time to escape: 90′

Players: 3-6

Book online:

#8 Requiem @ Mystery Lab

Plot: Jeremiah’s Godwine’s letter to the Vatican:

“Help me. Darkness has taken over my house. A higher power has imprisoned her soul. There is no peace. Forgive my commotion. Nobody is safe.”

Priest Jeremiah Godwine
Greenville, England

Time to escape: 120′

Players: 2-6

Book on the official website:

#7 Woman In Black @ Coven escape rooms

Woman In Black At Coven

Plot: Residents of Grithin Gifford’s Village are unfriendly to any stranger.

In particular to a lawyer sent from London to find the will of the last occupant of the old mansion across the swamp road.

No one has seen her as long as this place stands there and rots on its own.

That woman dressed in black.

That form who spreads death.

No one has seen her.

Until today…

Time to escape: 105′

Players: 3-6

Book on the official website:

#6 Don’t Take A Breath @ Verone

Don't Take A Breath At Verone

Plot: It seemed like a good idea to make tons of money easily, and they had all the information required plus the keys because the dad of a group member owned the security company!

A disabled, visually impaired man shouldn’t be an obstacle…

The reality turned out to be a nightmare!!

What they didn’t know was that the disabled was a veteran of the United States special armed forces carrying the scars of the distortion of the war in Iraq in 1991!

His huge, isolated mansion was his own mission shelter!

This house in the disreputable neighborhood hid more secrets than they had expected and turned out to be a battlefield!

Will the invaders manage to survive this deadly escape game?

Time to escape: 120′

Players: 4-6

Book on the official website:

#5 Mystic Project @ Mystic Corporation

Plot: You are a group of journalists who learned that the first escape room created in the 18th century has been reconstructed.

A 30-minute puzzle room that the eccentric Lord Beaverwood had built to entertain his distinguished clients.

After re-establishing his mysterious Society, the Lord’s descendants found the designs and built this unique room in Athens.

So, you arrive at the headquarters of the Society, a neoclassical corner mansion, to cover the reportage.

You have a huge smile on your face and 30 minutes in front of you to solve the puzzles of the first Escape Room ever created!

Time to escape: 120′

Players: 3-6

Book on the official website:

#4 Chapel & Catacombs @ Lockhill Nea Ionia

Scary escape rooms in Athens: Chapel & Catacombs At Lockhill Nea Ionia

Plot: “This is the only place of worship in Lockhill.

Even though it is supposed to be a place of peace and quiet, my skin crawls whenever I go near it.

Maybe it’s just the catacombs next to it, or maybe something else…”.

Excerpt from the diary of Professor Nathan Jones

Time to escape: 130′

Players: 1-7

Book on the official website:

Scary Escape Rooms in Athens: Top 3

#3 Wake Up @ Station 33

Scary escape rooms in Athens: Wake Up At Station 33

Plot: The big day for your trip to Europe, which you have been planning for so long, has come.

Your meeting point with your friends is at Larisa’s train station, and nothing will ruin it.

Or maybe it will…

When you get there, you find that your train has left two hours earlier, even though your tickets are right.

Now you have to find a place to spend the night, but all the hotels in the area are full.

Fortunately, the weird train conductor is the only one that can help you.

He will offer you his mother’s old guest house to spend the night…

Time to escape: 130′

Players: 3-5

Book on the official website:

#2 Sanatorium (Night Mode) @ Lockhill Metaxourgio

Scary escape rooms in Athens: Sanatorium At Lockhill Metaxourgio

Plot: “The sanatorium is no longer used.

From what I’ve read, it was used for both the mentally and the physically impaired, and the living conditions in that place were truly horrendous.

The strange thing is, I was passing by the other day, and I swear I heard someone screaming from the inside.

I must have been mistaken, though, because it was closed long ago.”

Excerpt from the diary of Professor Nathan Jones

Time to escape: 90′

Players: 1-5

Book on the official website:

#1 El Exorcista @ No Exit

Scary escape rooms in Athens: El Exorcista At No Exit

Plot: The exorcist opened the door with the number 13 and met a seemingly innocent girl possessed by a powerful demon.

But his forces are not enough to save the little one.

Are you brave enough to help in his difficult task without losing your own soul?

Time to escape: 90′

Players: 3-5

Book on the official website:

Best “traditional” Escape Rooms in Athens!

In addition to the top 10 Scary Escape Rooms, you can also read about Athens’ best “traditional” escape rooms! If you like working with your friends to solve puzzles, you will love them.

And don’t forget to check the hidden gems in Athens for more unusual ideas to explore during your trip to Athens.

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