The letters of Paros greek island at the sand of one of the best beaches in Paros Greece

Top 10 Best Beaches in Paros, Greece, By a Local

Are you in search of the best beaches in Paros, Greece? As a local, I’m here to share all the insider tips. Pay close attention and get ready to enjoy!

Paros is one of the most beautiful Greek islands.

An island that has it all.

Hidden gems, luxurious hotels, picturesque villages, delicious food, nightlife, and, above all, stunning beaches.

The small cove of Monastiri Beach in Paros Greece.

Golden sands, small coves, secluded landscapes, organized beaches, crystal-clear waters, music, beach bars, water sports…

The best beaches in Paros, Greece, have everything you could desire.

You just need to pick the ones that suit you best.

Let’s not forget — if you haven’t yet found the perfect hotel for your stay, don’t waste another moment.

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And now, it’s time to reveal the 10 best beaches in Paros, Greece.

1. Golden Beach

Sunbeds lined up in the shore of the amazing Golden Beach in Paros Greece.

As a local, I couldn’t start with anything other than the largest beach in Paros.

Golden Beach is a stunning sandy beach stretching for several kilometers.

It’s located on the east side of the island, about 20 kilometers from the port and Parikia.

It’s rightfully one of the best beaches in Paros, Greece.

Golden sands, azure waters, relatively shallow up to a point.

A large part of it is organized, with umbrellas and sunbeds.

However, there’s always space to set up your own umbrella and towel without paying.

Along the beach, you’ll encounter many beach bars with various decors and music.

My favorite is undoubtedly The Beach Project.

The Beach Project bar in the famous Golden Beach of Paros Greece

A terrestrial paradise where you can relax while enjoying your coffee, brunch, or a cocktail.

Golden Beach is also the favorite beach of surfers.

It’s a beach for everyone.

For families, for couples, for lonely “cowboys”, for water sports enthusiasts.

Of course, it’s also one of the most touristic beaches in Paros.

Which means you won’t be alone (especially in July and August), and it’s not suitable for nudism.

Due to its large size, you’ll find many different entrances to access it from the island’s peripheral road.


2. Punda Beach

Umbrellas and sunbeds at Punda Beach, one of the best beaches in Paros Greece.

If you’re a fan of beach clubbing, this is the ideal beach for you!

Punda Beach is a small cove but hosts the biggest beach club in Paros.

There is loud music, a bar, cocktails, an outdoor pool, and shopping stores.

You’ll be in a party mood by the time you reach the beach.

An outdoor swimming pool full of people at Paros Punda Beach Club.

The beach is a favorite hotspot among younger people and is synonymous with wild fun.

Punda Beach, one of the best beaches in Paros, Greece, is quite small compared to Golden Beach.

Here, too, the sand dominates along with crystal-clear waters.

Calm, transparent waters at Punda Beach with a view of distant islands and a clear blue sky.

However, the beach is full of umbrellas and sunbeds.

Certainly, it’s not a beach for relaxation – on the contrary.

The parties held here are legendary and usually last until the evening.

I would recommend it if you’re a party animal.

Otherwise, at least in August, you might want to keep some distance.


3. Kolympethres Beach

Impressive rock formations emerging from the sea at the famous Kolympethres beach, one of the best beaches in Paros Greece.

Kolympethres is one of the most unique and famous beaches in Paros.

The reason?

The granite rocks along its coastline form large and small pools known as ‘Kolympethres’ (translated as ‘baptismal fonts’ from Greek).

You’ll see many people sitting in the warm shallow waters, like having a hammam under the sun.

Of course, there’s also the regular beach nearby.

A beautiful sandy beach with shallow and warm waters, ideal for families.

In Kolympethres, you’ll find the usual umbrellas and sunbeds, although it’s doubtful you’ll find any free, especially in August.

All this is very close (about 2 kilometers / 1,3 miles) to Naoussa, a tourist hotspot of Paros, with its picturesque harbor and expensive restaurants.

Even closer to the beach, there are traditional taverns and beach bars.

As a local, I admit that this particular beach is too touristic for my taste.

But if you find yourself in Paros for the first time, you can’t ignore it.


4. Monastiri

Monastiri Beach in Paros, Greece, lined with sunbeds shaded by umbrellas against a backdrop of rocky hills and crystal-clear waters.

Continuing the road past Kolympethres, you’ll arrive at another one of the best beaches in Paros, Greece.

Monastiri is another small cove overlooking Naoussa’s little harbor from afar.

A beautiful sandy beach with shallow waters and a large beach bar.

Umbrellas, sunbeds, water sports, beach volleyball court…

A fully organized beach that has it all except for peace during the hot summer months.

People doing water ski and SUP at Monastiri beach in Paros Greece.

It got its name from the Monastery of Agios Ioannis Detis nearby.

The beach is well-protected from the winds and rarely has waves.

That’s why it’s ideal for families.

If you have a snorkel and enjoy underwater exploration, dive around the rocks at the edge of the bay.

And if you feel like walking (before or after your swim), it’s worth taking a stroll in Paros Park, a beautiful environmental park that starts right where the beach ends.

The amazing view from the light house in Paros Park, close to Monastiri Beach.

Follow the wooden signs and wander through the rocky landscape.

The journey to the old lighthouse and the sea view from there is splendid.


5. Lageri Beach

A golden retriever swimming in the alternative, gay friendly and nudist beach of Lageri in Paros, Greece.

One of my favorite beaches in Paros.

No umbrellas, no sunbeds, no beach bar – just sand, sun, and sea.

And a few tamarisk trees for shade, which, however, you’ll rarely find available.

Lageri Beach seems like a paradise on Earth.

A beach straight out of Robinson Crusoe’s novel.

It dominates the other side of Naoussa’s bay, opposite Monastiri.

You can’t get there by car.

You park quite far away (about a kilometer / half a mile) and continue on foot.

First, you find the picturesque church of Zoodochos Pigi, right by the sea.

Then, you continue along the coastline, and after a few minutes, you reach the beach.

However, you also have the option to get there by a small boat departing from Naoussa’s port.

It’s a quite long beach with crystal-clear waters.

A narrow sandbar extending into a serene lagoon bordered by lush greenery and clear skies.

Like swimming in a natural pool.

A real sanctuary.

Even if it’s crowded, it rarely feels bothersome.

Theoretically, it’s an alternative, gay-friendly beach, suitable for nudism.

It doesn’t mean you necessarily have to undress, but be aware that many others might have already done so.

It’s not considered family-friendly, but you might still see families there.

Be careful with the sun (there’s no shade) and bring your own water and food, as there’s nothing to buy nearby.

And believe me, you won’t want to leave before the sun sets…


6. Mikri Santa Maria

Aerial view of the coast of Mikri Santa Maria Beach in Paros Greece.

There are two beaches named Santa Maria in Paros.

Megali (Big) Santa Maria and Mikri (Small) Santa Maria.

Both are very close to Naoussa by car.

First, you encounter Megali Santa Maria.

A large bay with hotels, sunbeds, umbrellas, beach bars, camping, a diving club, and free parking.

Ok, it’s not something extraordinary.

The difference is made by Mikri Santa Maria, which you’ll find if you continue down the road.

Follow the signs, and you’ll arrive at a spot where you see other cars parked on both sides of the narrow road.

You need to be lucky to find a spot, especially in August.

A few steps walk on a wooden path, and you’ll find yourself at one of the best beaches in Paros, Greece.

A small cove with calm, crystal-clear waters.

The crystal clear waters of Mikri Santa Maria Beach in Paros Greece.

Once an isolated beach, it is a true paradise.

Today, it’s one of Paros’ most touristic beaches.

With umbrellas, sunbeds, a beach bar, and some water sports.

On the downside, the expensive prices for sunbeds, as in other touristic beaches, and the difficulty in finding a free space to lay your towel.

Despite this, the natural beauty of the landscape is unparalleled.

The waters are almost always serene, and the sand is golden.

If you wish, you can cross the rocks to the second small beach right next to it for more tranquility.

Located very close to the beach—but not directly on it—is the picturesque tavern, Katsounas.

While I haven’t visited it myself, I’ve heard mixed reviews, ranging from good to bad.

One thing that’s certain is that the prices are on the higher side.

It might be wise to take a look at the menu before deciding to sit down.


7. Marcelo Beach

People sunbathing and swimming at the sandy beach of Marcelo in Paros Greece.

Leaving Naoussa and its nearby beaches behind, we head for the port.

Parikia is the capital of Paros.

This is where the ferries arrive.

However, it remains very picturesque and beautiful, with narrow cobbled streets, taverns, shopping stores, and bars.

The bay of Parikia also hides some of the best beaches in Paros, Greece.

The closest (reachable on foot from the port) is Livadia Beach.

However, the best one is farther away (about 10 minutes by car) and is called Marcelo.

If you don’t have a car, a boat from the port can also take you there.

Here, you will also find umbrellas, sunbeds, beach bars, music, and water sports.

It usually gathers a lot of people and has an upbeat atmosphere.

But it remains a beautiful sandy beach with scenic views of Parikia Bay and the sight of ships coming and going.

If you love organized beaches, this one has everything you’re looking for.

Usually, it’s protected from the weather, offering calm waters without waves.

Before you reach Marcelo, you’ll find another nice beach, Krios, where the setting is quite similar.


8. Parasporos

Small waves breaking on the sandy Parasporos Beach with a view of a distant island under the summer Greek sun.

Parasporos is a large sandy beach, three kilometers (2 miles) south of Parikia.

Rightfully, it is one of the most popular beaches in Paros.

It has umbrellas and sunbeds, but also plenty of space to lay your towel on the sand.

Generally, you won’t feel cramped on this beach.

Mainly because it’s not narrow; it has depth.

Golden sand, scattered tamarisk trees for shade, and crystal-clear waters create an enchanting scene.

Its distinctive feature is that it often has waves, something that surfers love.

Yet, this doesn’t diminish its beauty.

If you want something to eat or drink, a beach bar is also nearby.

Take your dives, play with the waves, and enjoy the sun at one of the best beaches in Paros, Greece, and, by many, the best near Parikia.


9. Faragas

Sunbeds at the beautiful beach of Faragas in Paros Greece.

In the southern part of Paros, away from Parikia and Naousa (16 and 26 kilometers / 10 and 16 miles respectively), lies another wonderful beach.

Faragas is located in a small bay with golden sand and turquoise-green waters.

A part of the beach has sunbeds and umbrellas.

The rest is free for those who prefer not to pay.

Faragas also features a beautiful beach bar.

It’s not small, but it’s in harmony with the natural landscape, and the music isn’t overwhelmingly loud.

The cozy beach bar of Faragas shaded by lush trees, offering a tranquil spot for visitors to relax.

You can enjoy your coffee, a cocktail, or even a lunch there.

In recent years, Faragas has become one of the island’s hotspot beaches.

However, when it’s not too crowded, it’s truly magical.

The combination of sand, crystal-clear waters, and nearby rocks creates a beautiful natural landscape.

If you want to avoid the crowd, there’s a second smaller beach behind the hills on the right, which is not organized.

There’s an improvised free parking area 100 – 200 meters (0.1 miles) away from the beach where you can park your car.

Though, in July and August, it might be difficult to find a spot.

Water sports in the famous Faragas beach of Paros Greece.

If you have a snorkeling mask, enjoy the variety of the seabed.

Or, if you feel adventurous, rent a canoe or SUP and explore the nearby bays that are not accessible by foot.


10. Kalogeros Beach

A dog walking at the small and isolated beach of Kalogeros in Paros Greece.

Last, but equally beautiful, a beach that hides a legend and a secret.

Kalogeros is a small sandy beach near the villages of Marpissa and Marmara.

It’s named after a legend that says a monk committed suicide by jumping off the hill overlooking the beach from above.

There, you’ll find the chapel of Saint Antonios.

It’s worth visiting if you have a car – the view of the Aegean Sea from there is enchanting.

Kalogeros Beach is not organized.

There are no umbrellas, sunbeds, or beach bars.

In the center, there’s sandy space, but to the right and left, it’s surrounded by tall cliffs that form natural caves.

And here comes its big secret.

These cliffs are made of clay.

The Kalogeros Beach at Paros, Greece, with a striking rocky cliff to one side and calm blue waters under a sky with a few clouds.

If someone breaks off a small piece and mixes it with water in a bucket, they can create a handmade clay mask.

However, this practice is forbidden to protect the cliffs and the natural landscape.

Nonetheless, many people still do it; you’ll see them covered in clay mud from head to toe.

Afterward, they rinse off in the sea and enjoy the feeling of soft skin.

And one last thing…

If you’re on the beach at noon, be careful not to leave your belongings close to the sea.


A ship from the regular line passes close to the shore.

Its wake creates a small tidal wave, which can leave you searching for your flip-flops and hat in the sea.

Even the locals have been surprised by this several times.


Your Guide to Paros

A suite with private pool at Summer Senses luxury hotel in Paros Greece

I hope this article has helped you discover the best beaches in Paros, Greece.

If you’re seeking more information for your trip to this amazing Greek island, make sure to check out my selection of The Best Luxury Hotels in Paros and the Top Restaurants in Paros.

Moreover, don’t miss out on the Top Bars & Clubs in Paros and Hidden Gems of Paros.

Finally, if you have any questions, let me know in the comments, and I will be happy to assist you!

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