Hidden gems in Paros, Greece: a diver giving an OK signal with one hand and holding a measuring device in the other, next to a shipwreck.

Hidden Gems in Paros, Greece: 8 Unique Ideas by a Local

Are you looking for a unique vacation experience in Paros? As a local expert, I will help you discover the hidden gems of Paros, Greece, and fill your trip with unforgettable moments.

Paros stands out as one of the most popular Greek islands.

Visitors love it most for its extraordinary beaches, the delicious food, and its vibrant nightlife.

A tiny cruise boat sailing in calm turquoise waters under a sunset sky.

But Paros is not only about these.

If you want to avoid the tourist traps and do something different, then pay attention to the following recommendations.

There are options for every taste, whether you are an extreme type or not.

So, as a local, I compiled a list of the unbeatable hidden gems in Paros, Greece, that often remain under the radar.

Check them out!

1. Visit the Oldest Winery in Paros

A glass of rosé Paros wine with a Greek meze of figs, salami, and bread by the side.

Paros is renowned for its wine.

After Santorini, it is the Cyclades’ second-largest wine-producing island, with select varieties.

Among these, the island’s Malvasia Paros wines carry a Protected Designation of Origin status, tantalizing your palate in unexpected ways with their unique flavors.

The oldest and most historic winery on the island is Moraitis Winery, founded in 1910.

Located in Naoussa, Paros, with vineyards spreading over an area of 100 acres, it is undoubtedly one of the top hidden gems in Paros, Greece, for wine lovers.

Visiting Moraitis Winery is an unforgettable experience.

A worker harvesting grapes at the Moraitis Winery Paros.

You can wander through its underground cellars and organic vineyards and learn everything about how wine reaches your glass.

At the end of the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to taste several varieties of Parian wine accompanied by local cheeses.

The tours are also available in English, so you won’t have any issues following them.

More information: Moraitis Wines

2. Say Yes to a Scuba Diving Experience!

A scuba diver swimming in a cave underwater with sunlight showing from an opening above.

The diverse and impressive seabed of Paros invites you to discover it.

The island’s history, dating back to archaic times, is mirrored in its seabed, which hides secrets that will impress you.

Explore underwater caves and shipwrecks and feel ultimate freedom in the vast blue.

If it’s not your first time, then you already know the incredible experience I’m talking about.

On the other hand, if you are a beginner, introductory courses to scuba diving will guide you through.

In Paros, several diving centers provide all the equipment, experts, and, of course, the necessary safety for the best scuba diving experience.

Among them I would choose Paros Diving Center at Chrysi Akti Beach and Eurodivers Paros at Pounta Port, as well as Cycladic Diving in Alyki and H2O Diving Nomads Paros near Parikia.

Each dive is a different experience, as every diving center follows a different route, uncovering various “treasures”.

Moreover, the boat trip allows you to discover a different view of Paros and some secluded, beautiful beaches.

More information: Paros Diving Center, Eurodivers Paros, Cycladic Diving, H2O Diving Nomads Paros

3. Choose Your Own… Path

A sign indicating the paths of Paros Park.

Love hiking? Paros has wonderful hiking trails worth discovering.

The trails in Paros extend over a total length of about 35 kilometers.

Routes for all tastes and with incredible natural beauty, whether by the sea or in the mountainous masses.

While walking, you will encounter old farmhouses, windmills and watermills, wells, lighthouses, and dovecotes.

Choose a route depending on how long you want to walk.

There are paths you can walk in just five minutes and others that will take over four hours to cross.

First on your list should be the Byzantine Path, the oldest and most famous path in Paros from the Byzantine era.

It connects the villages of Lefkes and Prodromos and is about 3.5 kilometers long.

It is paved with slabs and Parian marble.

The route is mostly downhill and will take you about 45 minutes to cross it.

Walking paths in Paros, Greece, offering scenic views of the Aegean Sea.

You will also find very nice hiking trails in Paros Park, the environmental park next to the famous Monastiri Beach.

All the paths are marked, with signage.

The vegetation is low, while the view of the opposite islands – Mykonos, Syros, Tinos, Naxos – is unique.

The most beautiful route of Paros Park leads to the old lighthouse of Paros.

More information: Paros Park

4. Go Sea Kayaking

A man paddling a blue kayak alone in the calm blue sea under clear skies.

Kayaking in the Aegean Sea blue is definitely something special in the list of Paros, Greece, hidden gems.

A unique opportunity to discover secluded beaches and inaccessible spots on the island.

You can rent the equipment yourself or participate in an organized day trip.

Sea Kayak Paros organizes several such excursions with an instructor.

They usually last 4-6 hours, half of which are paddling and the other half relaxing on the beach or swimming.

Along the way, you’ll encounter small islets, sea caves, sheltered bays, and beautiful beaches.

The sea kayaking experience will be unforgettable.

More information: Sea Kayak Paros

5. Ride a Parian Horse

People riding horses in a downhill dirt road in Paros Greece with the Aegean Sea in the background.

Horseback riding in Paros? Why not?

If you love horses, you must visit a local horse riding farm.

You don’t need to be involved in the sport.

You can try lessons as a beginner.

The farm features a spacious and safe racetrack, suitable for people of all ages.

Even if you don’t want to ride a horse, you can simply enjoy visiting such a place and seeing the horses up close.

There’s also the option to go on a horseback riding excursion.

The organized tours last from two to eight hours and follow unique routes.

Ride through fields and hills or beside the sea.

Two women riding a white and a brown horse by the sea in Paros Greece.

Some paths, like the Byzantine Path, can be crossed on horseback, making the experience even more special.

In the summer, there are also excursions where you can enter the sea with the horses.

More information: Horse Riding in Paros

6. Time for a Cruise

Live the experience of a cruise in Paros Greece

If our suggestions for scuba diving and sea kayaking haven’t enticed you yet, perhaps something simpler and safer will.

A day cruise on a private boat.

Tour around Paros, Greece, and discover its beauties and hidden gems.

Swim in secluded bays and deserted beaches.

Get to know Antiparos, the islet Despotiko (between Paros and Antiparos), and other nearby islands such as Schinoussa, Iraklia, and Naxos.

Another option is a day trip by boat to Mykonos or Delos with its unique archaeological site.

A sailing yacht with people on board is heeling in the blue waters of the Aegean sea at Paros Greece.

There are various organized cruise packages in Paros at different prices.

Some include lunch and drinks.

Depending on how much money you can spend, you choose the excursion and the boat of your liking.

Catamaran, sailing boat, or traditional wooden caique.

More information: Full-Day Sailing Cruise

7. Experience a… Paradox

The white wooden entrance of Paradox Project escape room in Paros, Greece.

If you are a fan of escape rooms, then you won’t miss the opportunity to visit Paradox Project Paros.

The only escape room in Paros is located in Parikia and is definitely one of Paros, Greece’s hidden gems.

A mansion, an unexpected invitation, and a well-hidden secret.

Are you ready to live the adventure?

One of the most successful escape rooms in Athens has opened in Paros and adds another dimension to your summer vacation.

“The Mansion of Paros” lasts two hours and will certainly compensate you with its puzzles and twists.

More information: Paradox Project Paros

8. Watch a Movie Under the Stars

Enastron cinema, a fantastic tiny open air cinema in Paros Greece

Open Air Cinema is a beloved Greek tradition.

The experience of watching a nice movie under the stars is unique.

In Paros, you will find Cine Rex in Parikia, but the real cinema hidden gem is elsewhere.

At Monastiri Beach, very close to Naoussa, operates in the summer a tiny outdoor cinema with free admission.

Its name is Cine Enastron, and it looks more like an open-air home cinema.

There, every summer, older and newer movies are shown in a screening program that is part of the cultural program of Paros Park.

A few chairs, a relatively small screen, and sophisticated film choices by the sea.

If you love cinema, Cine Enastron will steal your heart.

More information: Cine Enastron

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My detailed itineraries will help you experience the island like a local:

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